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Cahokia Mounds

Never even heard of Cahokia and its earthen mounds(Proof US History classes need some revamping) This looks like some place pretty interesting to visit. Apparently it is one of 8 cultural UNESCO sites in the US, how cool.
I just read about Cahokia which was occupied until about 600 years ago while reading "Against the Grain." Check the book out and info on Cahokia.


Day out for a friend's birthday

My friend Nancy was born September 27. So instead of buying her something boring and no fun, I arranged for her to come down to my house so I could take her out and about for the day. My only requirements for her were to wear sensible shoes and bring a camera.

First stop was CocoLuxe Fine Pastries in Peapack. Luckily it was beautiful out so we sipped coffee and ate pastries outside. Then we trotted over to Liberty Park down the street and Nancy took pictures of the swans. There was also a beautiful old Catholic Church, St Brigid, and I took a picture of her in front of that.

Second stop was Natirar. A beautiful park that has a stunning 33,000 square foot home overlooking the land. There is a stream you can walk along and look at the pretty little waterfalls. Richard Branson has leased it to open The Club at Natirar.

Third stop was the Leonard J Buck Garden. Absolutely beautiful and the suggested donation is a mere $3.00. I had no singles on me, just change so I put that in the donati…

Banned Book Week Baby!

C'mon now, read To Kill A Mockingbird because it is brilliant and apparently will piss someone off.
Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to ReadSeptember 26−October 3, 2009Banned Books Week (BBW) is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read and the importance of the First Amendment. Held during the last week of September, Banned Books Week highlights the benefits of free and open access to information while drawing attention to the harms of censorship by spotlighting actual or attempted bannings of books across the United States.Here is the Classics list, enjoy it and go buy some!Cheers!MissFifi

Be back soon!

The in-laws are back in town for a few more days, so it is fun and hectic.

Electrician comes back tomorrow for final walk through with the inspector and Saturday we are part of a HUGE Multi Family garage sale at a friends house. If you need stuff, ANYTHING,
come on by! Here is the ad:

Goodness ME - you should see what we've found in our closets!!!!

Several families are gathering in one location for an ENORMOUS garage sale....lots of treasures to be had.

GREAT deals....many items in the original packaging....we want to sell EVERYTHING so we have no leftovers at the end of the weekend!!!!

Art Supplies
Hand-Made Greeting Cards
Picnic Set

8-3P on Saturday SEPTEMBER 26
9-12 on Sunday SEPTEMBER 27
205 East Valley Brook - Long Valley

Just off of Rt 24 near the border of Chester/Long Valley

Look for the Yellow Barns


Bye Weekend, Hello Monday

The weekend was a good one.

Painting prevailed. We painted the floor of the porch white. Just to take away the dinginess and the den/art room is a stunning tropical green known as Bermuda Grass. That took 2 coats and today I will be painting the trim, white.

Saw "The Informant" and loved it. Matt Damon never disappoints.

Went to Morristown with friends to attend Church of the Redeemer and it was wonderful. Good choir, packed church and fiery, relevant sermon. The reverend basically spoke of how we go to Church, learn the lesson and forget it when we walk out the door. The readings were Proverbs. One was how "women are more precious than jewels" and the other was how Jesus said "children will enter the Kingdom of Heaven first". She was "cranky", as she put it, because the least were to be first and they are still not. Women and children still suffer and are still not valued in society as they ought to be. I wish they posted her sermon because i…


I have been toying with the idea for months and months about getting back into a church community. We have been fortunate that some of our friends are active in the Episcopal Church so we have participated there a few times. It is similar to Catholicism, which I was raised as, except it is more open minded and liberal. This of course makes being an Episcopalian much more appealing. The only fault I have found in some of the churches is that they have awful music and choirs. I know, I know, you all think I am crazy, but it is true. When I was a kid in Catholic school, the nuns voices were superb and we, the whole congregation, would belt it out. I am well aware that lack of attendance and growth is be part of the issue. A lot of these churches do not have young members like the mega churches do, hence there is a small talent pool. Certainly wealthier churches have better resources to cultivate excellent music programs and even do more outreach.
Community is what I am ultimately …

Thank you Southern Living Magazine!

Southern Living Magazine always seems to have some darn good recipes. I have made this Praline-Apple Bread twice and it is amazing! I highly recommend you give it a go.


Garden Planning continues

Thanks to a friend I am currently reading Mrs. GreenthumbsPlows Ahead. Now, because of that book, I have begun to rethink how to landscape the front of the house, the sides and even the back. I never wanted a fence, but now I am considering a low wooden one. Not to be "private" per se, but to set up a sort of oasis. A courtyard, a place to sit and revel in the flowers and greenery. I like her idea of setting up garden "rooms" as the English Cottage gardens do.

Who wouldn't want to walk to the side of a house and come upon this?
How lovely this would be by the road as opposed to just lawn.
Ahhh fences AND trellises for everyone!
What a wonderful spot this seems to be for reflection and a glass of wine.

What at first seemed it might be easy, gets more exciting and more intensive. Pictures will follow as we begin to transform our little piece of paradise. I am no fool, I know this can take years, but how lovely it will be!


Read, read, read

I have discussed how much I love to read on this blog before. I have always loved how a writer can give you the tools to form the scenes and see the characters as you like. Interesting for me is that the more I have been reading, the more vivid my imagination is becoming. I do wonder if it is the quality of the material or just that I am getting older so I am using more life experiences, not sure. I feel like this also helps me in my writing, though a dear friend who is proofreading a short story of mine right now may not agree and be cursing me!

I've currently gotten sucked into the Stephanie Plum series and I LOVE IT! By the third page of the first book I was laughing so hard that I knew I had a winner. I now worship at the altar known as Janet Evanovich and am proud.

Prodigal Summer is also on my nightstand and at first I was like, "eh, not into it", but then something in Barbara Kingsolver's voice sucked me in and I cannot put it down. It involves 3 diff…

Weird NJ

I set off an a drive earlier today, headed out to Godlewsky Farms as I was unable to make it to the farmer's market this weekend. I went online, read the directions, did my own mapping and of course, passed the street I needed. So I proceeded out a bit further into Warren County than I needed, but I came across a street with the oddest name that I nearly slammed on my brakes.

Shades of Death Road.

Only in NJ my friends, only in NJ.

I did find the farm, which was HUGE and had stunning black earth everywhere. They also had rows and rows od gorgeous mums. I got a wonderful bounty at the farm. For $10.00 I got 6 ears of corn, 2 bunches of purple Kale, 2 yellow squash and a quart of tomatoes. Take that conventional gross produce suppliers that call themselvesgrocery stores!


Overdoing it

This past Friday, my hubby and I did a bunch of yard work. I have been a little obsessed with pruning the very overgrown hedges. I used our hand pruner and then got out the large tree pruner. I puled vines, we cut down tons of weeds that wrapped around the hedges, all good stuff. My arm was very sore when I was done and I realized I had proceeded to give myself lateral epicondylitis aka tennis elbow.
It is better now, thanks to ibuprofen, my hubby doing cooking and taking dog out and my ace bandage. I am still a little sore, but I need to not get so overzealous when it comes to doing some of the yard work. This statement will make my husband very happy :)
Then yesterday we went to a civil union ceremony of good friends of ours, had a terrific time, eating, dancing and drinking a little too much. Today I was hungover, but did not get sick thank goodness.

So Cheers! to a good weekend!

A Link a Dink A Doo


I promise a more in depth, personal like post over the weekend, but for now, here are some interesting links to check out.

A Lady living like it is the 1940's.

Questions about Quakers? Check out Quaker Anne.

Oilcloth looks like so much fun!

The Spirit Animal collection of jewelry from K Brunini are amazing!

Wal-Mart is pretty much a gritty, depressing store to me. Apparently there are some like minded, amused people out there. People Of Walmart is genius.

We are interested in eventually incorporating a rain barrel into our yard.

Lauren McAdams has some very interesting sculpture pieces that I covet.