Monday, August 31, 2009

We Are A Nation of Guilt

Just now on the Today show, they were discussing all sorts of coffee drinks and energy drinks and how many calories they have and what their food/sweet equivalent are. Then I thought, why do we continuously make food the enemy? There is no food culture in this country except for larger portions and diet foods. This is ridiculous. I am not going to make someone feel bad for ordering a latte or for drinking a Red Bull. I don't eat meat, but I certainly don't threaten those who do.
Why is it the nation as a whole is very comfortable telling you what you should and should not eat diet wise? We have only gotten fatter not healthier with all this advice. How about a show where we say "Hey, you want that Big Mac, okay, go exercise for an hour every day and then go for it." I knew someone who was very healthy and he had a "junk day". A day where he ate pizza and corn chips and ice cream, without guilt. He believed if you deprived yourself it made it worse so pick one day a week where you fall of the wagon, obviously not gorging yourself until you puke, but if you want the ice cream, have it. I think this is better than saying never to eat it.
Diet Foods? Please, the sodium content in those alone are insane. Eat the real thing people. Make it yourself, go to a Farmers Market, keep the ingredients to a minimum. If you find you have to have Dunkin Donuts, get it and don;t bitch about it.
As far as calorie counting, I never got that either. I am not going to sit there when I am eating out wondering, "Gee, does this salmon in herb sauce have 600 calories?" Who cares? Everyone I know who counts calories is still overweight. Apparently that doesn't work either.
I think we all need to find what works for us, but in the end, self deprivation and lack of getting outside and moving around is what continues our horrible cycle of weight issues. In the meantime, stoip feeing guilty about eating, it should be a pleasure. Unsure of how to enjoy it? Look to the European nations of France, Italy and Spain. Leisure and good ingredients is what makes their food culture enjoyable. Have friends over, take 3 hours to have a meal and taste your food. You'll be surprised how un-guilty you will feel.


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