Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!

We had an Arborist come out to give us an estimate on what we want done in regards to tree maintenance and brier patch clearing. I must go to Lowe's and get Holly Tone and Preen for those that are going to stay with us. Let me take you all on a pictorial tour of how our land will be transformed when we hire him in the next month or so.

We tried to save this pine, but the giant vines and blasted ground ivy strangled her, so she must perish.

One of 2 cherry trees that are also being cut down. They are both dead, most likely due to lack of love and care.

The peach tree in front is being saved. I have weeded around it and laid down landscape paper. The brier patch to its right is getting completely cleaned out, Sorry bunny!, and the lilac tree behind peach tree is going to be pruned and weeded.

Yeah, this one is fun. This is a Black Gum tree covered and strangled by Poison Ivy. The vine is going to be removed and then I he recommended I use Round Up Poison Ivy. Considering how much I hate Monsanto, this pains me and I must find an alternative.

A plum tree. It will be weeded and mulched and pruned.

Pear tree that needs serious pruning and of course, mulching and weeding.

One of 2 Dogwoods we have that will live a happy life in our yard.

The crappy box woods and all its stumps and buddies are going. I think I am going to keep the azalea and make her happy that all the other crap will be gone. Not sure about the thorny bush on the end, maybe keep that one too.

Yew bushes next to house that are going bye-bye.

My tuckered out garden buddy!


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