Monday, August 24, 2009


A fantastic weekend was had because it consisted of hanging out with various friends, all different and all lovely. Here is how it went.

FRIDAY: The hubby helped a friend move from Bergen County to Morris County.
I proceeded to meet up with our friends from PA who so graciously let me stay at their farm. They were coming for the weekend to stay at a good friend's house up the road. That night our neighbors knocked on our door at 11pm and we went to their house to play bocce, darts and drink wine.

SATURDAY: A friend came down to our house and the three of us ventured off to Princeton. We were invited to dinner at the house of a lovely couple we met at the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down. The dinner was vegan and superb. Quite possibly the best lasagna I have ever had. They were gracious hosts and it was a wonderful time for all.

SUNDAY: I went to a dear friends baby shower. It was hot as hell, but it had a tea party theme and it was just charming and fun.

Today I went to the Hackettstown Farmer's Market on Main Street. I headed right to Godlewsky Farms stand again where I bought 2 beautiful bunches of Kale at $1.50 a piece, one head of purple cabbage for $1.50 and over a quart of tomatoes for a mere $2.00. Then I got eggs, from Mini Mac Farms for a mere $3.50.

I feel fortunate to know such interesting people and call them friends. Add to that I live in an area where I can meet and speak to who grows my food, it is all good.


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