Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedegewood? Yes please.

Anyone who knows me I am not a fan of high end china, crystal, or anything else that if it broke would send me to the asylum. I told my mother for years that whenever I got married, I never wanted to receive Waterford, Lenox or the myriad of other luxury tableware. Who wants that insane responsibility? Fortunately we did not receive anything along those lines and so our kitchen is filled with Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma goodies. Though one set of glasses is down to about 4 pieces due to breakage. Again, not pricey so no tailspin.
But now, I have seen the following beauty by Wedgewood and I have decided it belongs with me...forever. Really, look at that fine specimen. It is a white on black jasper teacup and saucer. How on God's good earth have I lived without such a thing? Why have I never seen it until now? Sure, people who have collected Wedgewood for decades are chuckling to themselves, but I am fairly new to this coveting of specific luxury wares and this has put me over the edge. Perhaps one day I will acquire this, but for now I drool at the photos and am content to do that.

Let us stick with the coveting theme for a second. Chambers Gas Stoves, why only NOW am I aware of them??? I just saw a picture of a copper one in the new issue of This Old House and was mesmerized. Stunning piece of equipment.

While we are at it, let me leave you with this offensively wonderful site, Artful Home.


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