Friday, July 31, 2009

Planning, well trying to

I feel like my life is in various stages.
Then again, who's life isn't?
Here are some of the projects I have rolling around:

Which story(ies) ideas to submit to the upcoming Zoetrope contest.
Layout of our yard, where the gardens will go, which plants to use, etc.
Working the Lia Sophia sales position to help put money away for house and to bankroll my ability to stay home and write.

These projects are started and they do not require an actual deadline. Well, the writing contest does, but my novel does not. These are all things that need to be nurtured and not rushed.


My impatience would usually be at an end, so this is actually good for me. The gardens will take about three years to get just right, maybe longer. Writing is writing, you can't just bang out a book a month. Oh I wish you could, but the more I work at writing, the better I am getting, thank God. It may not show in my blog at all times, but my dialogue and descriptions of gestures have greatly improved. The Lia Sophia gig, well, we shall see what happens with that, but if it works, cash in the pocket for sure. All these avenues need careful planning and failure is most certainly going to happen along then way with success. Normally I would shrink away in horror, but now?

I am giddy with power and ready for the challenges ahead. BRING IT ON!!


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