Monday, July 20, 2009

Optical Delights

I adore eye glasses. I have never worn contacts, nor do I intend to. Glasses are so unique and act as wearable art showcasing the wearer's personality and tastes.
Sandra Oh who played the sassy assistant Rita on the HBO series "Arliss" would show up to work in outfits with matching eye wear. Probably one of the coolest, yet subtle costume moves on a show that really impacted me.
That being said, I just came across Fabulous Fanny's and I MUST go there. All the cat eye glasses make me drool, along with the antique frames. It is nice to have options in regards to eye wear. Who wants to wear the same boring thing as the next person? Sunglasses fall under that category. So many folks emulate celebrities by wearing what they do, but without really looking at the fashion to see if it will suit them.
Zenni Optical also has some really terrific choices and at great prices too.

Trust me, men do make passes at women who wear glasses.


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