Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting out of one's comfort zone

Okay, so I turned 40 this month. Feels no different than 30 to be honest, but I state that because I am at that age where many, many people have no desire to change their ways and leave their comfort zone.
I am challenging myself to do such a thing.
Direct sales.
Never wanted to do it, have no desire to ever do it, hate sales. Period.
Then this economy came along and has beaten the crap out of us all. Applying relentlessly to the same jobs as everyone else, I got frustrated, just like everyone else.
A friend offered me the opportunity to become a part of her team at Lia Sophia Jewelry. Originally I was like, "Thanks, but no thank you." I had my own jewelry business at one time and I knew how hard it was to convince someone to buy a pair of stunning, handmade earrings at $35.00. I would have to do the same thing with some other product and was certain I would hear the same complaints about pricing. Then she asked me again and I thought about it. What was I really hesitant about? It certainly wasn't the jewelry which is quite beautiful. Was it the fact that I would have to meet people? No, that wasn't it. Did I not want to do home parties? I did them for my own business so that was easy.
I was always afraid to do sales because I would be selling a product as well as myself. I wasn't sure I could do that and do it well. Did I even want to do that? I always believed you had to be this relentless, aggressive beast. What if I failed? That is when it hit me. Fear was at the base of all this.

"Do one thing everyday that scares you." Eleanor Roosevelt

Okay, I will take that challenge Eleanor. I signed up and went to a meeting. I have my starter party July 30, if you want to come contact me and I will give you the info, and I am excited and ready. Realization set in that I have nothing to lose, but lots to gain if I attempted something I was afraid of doing. Lia Sophia allows you to do as much or as little as you want. Flexible schedules is what they are really all about. I can appreciate that as I still want to be able to write, knit and garden.

So wish me luck kids and if you want to have a party or just order from the catalog, contact me. :)


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