Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhhh the joys of owning a home for me is the fact that I can finally garden. Yesterday our friends Frank and Nancy came to our house yesterday for noshing and gardening. Here is a shot of Nancy and I weeding out what will eventually become my cutting garden.

We found a horseshoe, a football and a plastic Easter egg with a nickle in it. LOL
Nancy brought me plants from her garden which was wonderful. We even got to plant some. Here is a picture of the bounty.

I will post pictures soon of how we weeded the front and planted some goodies. I put the oregano, thyme and sage in a planter on the porch. Smells so good!
They also gave us a wind chime and hanging plant. We are very grateful and happy about it.

I have much to learn in the ways of the land, but it will be fun :)

On another renovating note, I painted our door a stunning dark red, I will post that photo soon too.


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