Monday, June 22, 2009


Had a fun yet, uneventful weekend. The one thing that did surprise me is the writing bender I went on Saturday afternoon. It started innocently enough, I think around 1pm or so and did not stop until 7pm. It was quite invigorating to be honest. Now I understand why writers are seen as intense people. Once that ball is rolling, it is very difficult to stop. I had to since we had to eat dinner.
The most interesting part of all this for me is the fact that I was so involved in it. It got to the point where I was giddily singing along to my "writing" cd, yes I have specific songs chosen for the work I am doing to help motivate me. It has been a few weeks since I had sat down and attempted to work on my beloved story "Retrospect" and this weekend it flowed easily. Yesterday I actually sat down, worked on it some more and then later that evening, got our pen and paper and began working on an idea I had outlined in 2003. I have been busy!
Certainly there will be an attempt to get this published, Lord only knows how ridiculously difficult that is going to be. I am still going to work on a few short stories and try getting them out there. I think that may be my best chance for breaking in and actually landing an agent at some point. I also need to get off my lazy ass and really look into submission guidelines literary magazines like Glimmer Train and read what they currently print. Who knows if I even write anything that would interest those types of forums.
Writers are portrayed as brooding, dark people who languish by their writing instrument for days, struggling with writers block and disdain for those who do not respect their art. I say "Phooey!" I am a loud mouthed broad who when she can't write, takes the hint, works on another story or walks away until I am ready again. This may not be the "proper" way to behave, but who says there are specific rules? I look at it this way, if this amounts to a semi-career for me, I would still have a regular job of sorts, if I can get one ever again, and set aside time to work on short stories and novellas, etc. Maybe I will be lucky and get to do it full time, maybe nothing will ever come of it, maybe a brief stint at it, who the hell knows? The worst thing would be for me to never try and then lamenting about it. I much rather get rejected then to never know.

"If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world." Mercedes Lackey


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  1. Neat outlook on writing-for sure more positive than most. I have music that makes me feel more like writing too.