Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lights, Camera, Bad movie poster

For those of you who know me, I am a HUGE movie buff. I love all kinds of films, though the classics rate high. If a movie is mediocre like say, "A Perfect Murder" remake, I find beauty in the set design or costumes.
Recently I have been toying with going back to school to complete my art degree. This came about as I came across old works of mine and with older eyes I saw good art. Not necessarily brilliant, but the raw talent is there. On top of that, when we had our portfolio reviews way back when, my professor said, "I don't necessarily seeing you doing the work, but I see you as an Art Director." She was complementing my eye, of course, when you are in your late twenties, you do not always appreciate the guidance of wisdom, you want to do what you want.

So which is it? Nursing, Allied Health OR Art and pursue Art Director.

Sitting on this fence, I decided to check out trailers on HULU last night. I came across the very funny looking "Julie and Julia" , Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, pretty much a guaranteed good time and then, the movie poster.

WHAT THE HELL?? I would have failed a class project with this?!!! Who let this through? Your eyes immediately goes to "Do You Have What It Takes?" which looks like the name of the movie!! Typography wise the poster is boring and a nightmare. Nice job.
Contemplating how it could be better, I thought of the one line "Julia" utters which is "Never Apologize". Since this is a story about 2 women who find their true passion, wouldn't THAT have made sense? Could it not have been
Passion. Ambition. Butter.

Never Apologize


So my friends, I have realized , Hollywood needs me. Most ads for movies are tiresome and extremely recycled because Hollywood is a boring place where no one really makes an effort anymore. They need to understand people like to be enticed, not just by good dialogue and ideas, but by the art and advertisements. You run a business, run it right. Don't just rely on trailers to get folks into your films. Here are just 3 examples of posters that I think hit it on the mark. (you may need to click on them and make them larger) I have included links to the trailers as well.


Sherlock Holmes


Granted all the art is centered, BUT you need to convey the film, either purposefully or subtly, in the artwork and layout.
Julie and Julia, you get a big fat FAIL! from me.


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