Monday, June 29, 2009

I wanna be a cowboy

and you can be my cowgirl...taken from the song "I Wanna Be a Cowboy" by Boy's Don't Cry

There are days where I wish I had the opportunity to have grown up on a ranch in Montana, have one of my best friends be a Native American, trying to stop the bootleggers from coming in, falling in love with my brothers wife, wait, I am recounting the movie "Legends of the Fall" here, but you get where I am coming from. There is something exotic about lifestyles that are foreign to us. City kids sometimes want to be country kids and vice versa. If you are fortunate, you get to experience both, all kids should.
I am not one who enjoys Westerns per se, though Giant, Unforgiven and the remake of 3:10 to Yuma are faves of mine, there is something inherently romantic about being a pioneer in the West. Barring the raping, pillaging, saloon brawls, and outlaws of course.
I think of people who are fortunate enough to know how to ride, rodeo, farm and raise cattle. I don't pretend this is an easy life. The United States, as a whole, hardly respects workers of the land. Farmers, ranchers, gardeners, are put here to serve the general public's mass consumption need and damn the regulations or the quality. This bothers me the most.
When did we lose sight of the fact that physical labor builds character? It builds character much more than sitting at a desk. (I already feel the tomatoes hitting my screen)
Yes, accountants, doctors, teachers, assistants, CEO's, bankers, etc are all vital jobs, but when did they get the seal of "cool" approval over mason, electrician, farmer, mechanic, carpenter? Why are white collar jobs considered more prestigious than someone who can actually build a house?
America thrives on competition, but we are sorely lacking in supplying the tools in the education department. The Economist recently put out an article about our school year and how it pales to our European and Asian counterparts. I think kids should go to school longer AND I think they should have mandatory shop classes. We should know how to change our own oil or plant a garden, regardless if we ever do it, the knowledge is power. We've become too dependent on others to do for us, when we should be able to handle some things ourselves. I am not saying don't hire help if you need it, but more along the lines of, think if you need help and if not, do it yourself.
Back to my dream. Maybe one day I can be a cowboy for a bit, but if not, I always wanted to learn how to surf. Maybe I can be a California Girl instead...


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