Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friends help you see better

I was fortunate enough to be taken to dinner by the fabulous Filomena of Pink Velvet Bird. We went for Indian, oh it was yummy yum yum!
Then we began to chat about how we both are a few classes short of our art degrees. (Graphic Design for Me, BFA in Photography for her)We were discussing if it was even worth finishing? Tuition costs are prohibitive in NJ, everywhere, but NJ state schools are even ridiculously high. Is it worth paying out and end up not getting paid? I am already doing that with my massage degree. It hit me while we chatting and I said to her, "I realize I cannot sit behind a computer anymore. I knit, massage, write, I went to a farm and helped out there. I prefer creating and doing something with my hands that does not require a cubicle and a time clock." This is the first time I have actually vocalized it and meant it. I have been searching in vain for jobs, applying for part time, full time, contract, you name it I applied. Colleges, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, etc. I also just realized this morning I contacted a local area hospital to volunteer and they never got back to me! I have to look at this and think, "Okay, life as you knew it 9 to 5 is no longer your life, move on, it is about to become more interesting." Which I welcome with open arms of course.
The good thing is that Filomena gets where I am coming from. Filomena and her Man of Steel, Thomas, bought a cabin up in New York State and are hoping to move there permanently in a few years. Being a multi-talented gal, she would be able to put one of her numerous skills to work for her. She can quilt, teach, get her photographs in a gallery and even work for Farm Sanctuary. Thomas can be a professor, he is extremely intelligent and an excellent yoga teacher, start an ashram, whatever.
It is always a pleasure to connect with someone who understands your passions and thoughts. From the silly rant about people who don't make certain things from scratch (dips are not hard people, work with me), gardening, the arts, love of alpacas and chickens and of course, understands your absolute loss of what to do with your life. Journeys are more fun with friends that is for sure.


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