Monday, June 15, 2009

Accentuate the Positive

Welcome to a better day.
Well, it is Monday and I have decided it is time to go full force in positive thinking mode. Of course this may wear off, but embrace it with me now please. I want to dedicate today's post to all things good. Enough of this pissy attitude, again, it will be back, but work with me, it is time to shine and recognize what I am fortunate to be surrounded by.

Living in a wealthy area is really not a bad thing. Some people begrudge the obnoxiously wealthy but I never have. These people keep all sorts of business moving along as well as charities. Sure I am sure some if them have a massage therapist and hairstylist on call, but I would too if I could and so would any of you. What I love most about living in a wealthy area is the fact that I can walk to the post office and there is no garbage on people's lawns, no dog poop to try and avoid. Such a pleasure from Belleville whose sidewalks had become an obstacle course.

My other favorite thing is the overwhelming scent of honeysuckle and wild roses. Walking down my street, I am bombarded by this daily and I am extremely grateful. Add birds and deer everywhere and for me, it is paradise. Sure it may wear off once the deer try to eat my Basil, but for now, I like them.

Our dog is much happier and is currently snoring next to me. The bliss on her face as she runs around chasing the ball and the neighbor's dog is too awesome. Of course now we need to get her a dog of her own because we cannot take neighbor's dog with us to house in Long Valley.

I cannot wait to get into our house in Long Valley, which is part of Washington Township in Morris County NJ. It is a cottage and it is the cheapest house on the block. All the others are modified and remodeled and stunning. Yes my friends, we have purchased the diamond in the rough. I cannot even imagine the labor of love/hate/war/insanity we are really embarking on. It is in just fine condition, but the bathrooms need refreshing (remodel) and paint needs to be used all upstairs, knotty pine you are going white!, but all in all, it is quite the charmer and it needs a garden too. Oh! we are determined to make it into an arts and craft since the cottage is from 1925. Don't fret, I will most likely document the whole thing on this blog.

Certainly there is much more for me to be happy about, my friends, my health, my wealth and the fact that we went to an estate sale in Mendham Township this weekend and got a complete dining room set with 8 chairs for $250.00 (SCORE!!!), but that is all for another time.

Enjoy these links to area real estate, my area that is, hahahahahahaha

$3,900, 000 - Mendham, NJ
$1,225,000 - Mendham, NJ
$5,499,000 Bernardsville, NJ
$499,000 - Bernardsville, NJ
$3,495,000 - Far Hills, NJ
$13,500,000 - Peapack, NJ
$1,925,000 - Tewksbury Township

Miss Fifi

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