Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farming and ganglion cysts!

Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania in Wyoming County is quite beautiful. I had the pleasure of visiting friends who own a fabulous farm on the outskirts of this pretty town. I have zero skills when it comes to gardening and fortunately my friend Sara was more than happy to educate me in the ways of soil and all other things plant related. She also spoke to me about raising chickens, goats and sheep. The chickens are stunning as are the sheep and lambs. Of course with sheep all I see is yarn, but they were darn cute. So were the spectacular Scottish Highland Cattle. Their bull is quite a handsome boy named Connor. I also had homemade pizzas and yummy grilled veggies,but this delectable creature I had for breakfast. How can anyone not eat a Dutch Baby everyday???

Oh yeah, that "baby" can clog your arteries and taste good doing it! I got to eat homemade ice cream with real cream from the cows up the road. Naturally, my stomach handled it well where if I have Rita's or Applegate's I get an upset tummy. Stupid homogenized milk!
Their son is a cutie pie, and my new boyfriend! How fortunate for a child today to grow up amongst animals and learning how to love and work the land.

My Wrist. My lovely beautiful wrist had a cortisone shot yesterday. This is because it has a ganglion cyst. FYI - those cortisone shots hurt like hell and I am not sure how anyone does them more than once! If the shot does not dissolve the cyst, I may need surgery. Good times. Let us hope the shot does its job and I do not have to add another operation to my long list of priors.

Have a terrific weekend!!


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  1. I LOVE dutch baby pancakes! I hope they temporarily distracted you from your wrist pains. :( My mom had cortisone shots in her foot and said they helped a lot and she hasn't needed surgery, so I hope they help you too!