Sunday, May 17, 2009

A cottage, a couple and a vision of love.

So, in the course of house hunting again, we came across a 1920's Colonial Cottage and WHAM!! I had a vision as I walked through it. No one saw this beauty of this place, no one saw that it cries out for personality and perhaps even become and Arts and Crafts style home, no one but no one, sees the potential of this charming house sitting amongst massively renovated Victorians, Cape Cods and Colonials, no one, but me. Yes it needs refreshing, so amazing what a can of paint can do, but this is the type of house that over the years, as it is improved upon, will garner "oohs and ahhs". The yard is a good size for a garden and patio, with me adding a mudroom to the back stair area, and the garage is only 3 years old. It does not match the house, but that can be fixed. My husband was brought to the cottage yesterday and he saw my vision and even though it will take years and money, we both believe it is truly worth it. Now, who is to say this deal can pan out, we all know our track record and at this point, a novel should be written, but I believe that the "A-ha! Moment" my husband said I had is what makes this different. The house is livable now and move in ready of course with enough counter space to make me giddy. We are certainly not renovators and we never sought that out, but apparently, it found us. We are aware of the trials and tears that come with reworking a house, but I tell you, this is a diamond in the rough. A gem amongst other gems. It is the only house on the block that has not been renovated and
revisioned, but it will be, oh yes, it will be. Fingers crossed again my friends, we are rolling the dice and dammit, mama needs no whammies!

Decorating links - some are insane, some reasonable, but enjoy it all regardless.

Yes, I will take the Slipper Tub please.
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I have seen Corey's work first hand, it is sublime.
Just discovered the Klondike Refrigerator, WOW!
Wanna have booth seating at your house like "Happy Days"? Want a "Kit Kat clock"? Go for it at Retro Planet.

That is all for now my dears, ta ta!

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  1. Elizabeth DoreenMay 18, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Good luck in getting the house and with the renovations. I actually think a refurbished 1920s cottage will be awesome and totally fun to make it your own.