Sunday, May 10, 2009

Classic. Vintage. Handmade.

*Bette Davis in The Little Foxes, dress by Orry-Kelly

Well I hope everyone had a nice Momma's Day. :) And may you all look as fabulous!

One of the greatest things about the Internet is locating folks who you share similar interests with. Of course, if you look hard enough, we can all find someone of a like mind. For me, it is nice to commiserate with people on food, frugality, knitting, vintage wear, etc. Speaking of vintage, I just came across one of the coolest posts on vintage lingerie and here it is. I have also been following a gal who has chosen to live ife as if it was 1955. A fascinating read and educational. She posts photos and recipes and about the news of that time. She is also having a grand time doing it and it has been wonderful following it.
All this vintage makes me yearn for Rosalind Russell's wardrobe in Auntie Mame. Perhaps not all of it was practical, but I am sure Orry-Kelly could have made a superb gardening outfit for me. I am wistful because I have nowhere to wear a pillbox hat and opera gloves. This does not mean I would not do it, it is just sad that dressing well is no longer the norm. I will be attempting to knit these opera gloves one day. I actually have a few different patterns for opera gloves. With my wrist still out of commission, tomorrow I am calling a dear friend's wrist doctor to get an appointment and have this remedied once and for all, I have not been knitting. Not knitting makes for a sad MissFifi. Sewing though, that could be less painful. Can you imagine sewing these exquisite hats from a vintage McCalls' pattern??? Simply gorgeous!

Well, I am off to la la land, I need my beauty rest. I am making more bread tomorrow and we have actually begun packing stuff up for the inevitable move. Wish us luck as the search continues and dammit, we are hopeful!!


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