Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheaper car insurance, wireless, newer apartment, bliss

So I am sitting in our new apartment, on the floor, basking in all its newness, great location and fantastic wireless connection. We are temporary residents of Bernardsville in Somerset County and we could not be happier. Our car insurance went down $600 a year just by moving here. Take that Essex County! Now, Belleville was not a horrible place, hardly, but Essex is Essex and it was over priced, over taxed (though that applies to most of NJ) and after having a falling out with a few people, it no longer felt like a welcoming place. Then again, falling out or not, I had hated living there about four years ago. Too congested, too noisy, too many things breaking down in our apartment, just too much of everything.
The best was yesterday. As we were sleeping with our windows open, a young girl screams out "F*@k!" a few times at 8:15am while walking to school with her buddies. I'll pass thank you. In NYC it is acceptable, outside my window, not so much.
Hence, this temporary relocation is quite the joy. Right now all I hear are birds. No stupid planes from Teterboro, Newark, JFK and LaGuardia. Yes, this is bliss.
Morristown, Princeton, Chester, Flemington, Lambertville New Hope even NYC are not too far away so I can get my city fill when needed. For now, I am happy to listen to the washer and dryer while I sit under french doors in tons of natural light. You can keep Xanadu, I never wanted it in the first place and now, I no longer have to worry about ever dealing with the traffic. WHOO HOO!

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  1. Sounds like a good move. Congrats on escaping from the urban jungle...