Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Art of Packing

Our apartment looks like a bomb went off in it. We have been packing like mad and moving stuff to a friends barn for storage. We did not want to bring every single piece of our lives with us to our temporary apartment only to have to move it again, so it is in country storage.
Another good friend has been supplying us with boxes and tape and packing materials.
This is why we are grateful for our friends. They help us out when we need them and offer excellent solutions during a chaotic time.
The hubby and I purged A LOT of stuff prior to this packing adventure and yet, we have so much stuff that is boggles my own mind. Why do we have most of it? I keep making Goodwill trips to alleviate the amount of stuff we take. I also filled some garbage bags up with crap I had no idea we even had at this point. Locating lead crystal candle holders we got when we were married and have yet to use, holiday lights that do not even work, gift bags that were ripped and torn, insane. I know most of you probably have seen The Story of Stuff, but here it is in case you have not. Best part is this documentary was banned by the Missoula County Public Schools, God forbid you teach about sustainability.
I am far from a minimalist but I have become one at present because I do not need all three of my cutting boards or all my mixing bowls. It is refreshing to know I only have 6 glasses to use right now as the rest are packed. It may help us pare down a bit once we have a home.
I actually cannot wait to take current pieces of furniture you have an paint it and give it a new life. I would like to try milk paint so I am going to read up on it more. We will also become adept at searching for furniture on Craig's List and Estate sales. We want our house to have a nice eclectic feel to it. Just having more counter space will make me a happy gal. :)

Peace from the East,

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  1. I feel your pain! Been there, donated/tossed that :)
    You can do it!