Friday, May 8, 2009

Apply to jobs, Seek a home and bake bread

Yes, I feel like that angel as the inevitable has come upon us, we are now going to search for our 5th house. We are not angry, we are not pitiful, we are more numb and at times, wondering how we got born under a bad sign. The septic issue could not get resolved due to the fact the sellers have no money at all to offer a credit on the system which received 2 unsatisfactory ratings. They of course believed their system is fine and would be willing to credit us some cash for a third inspection, but so what? If another person says it is crap, pardon the pun, they have no cash to credit us the cost of repairs which can run the gamut of 15K to 30K.
We have learned a whole lot and that is a plus. Perhaps it is my true destiny to become a house inspector. HA HA! (I have to laugh or I will vomit.)
Most importantly, our new search involves houses only with public sewers.

I have applied to 16 jobs since February 22, probably more, but I only began tracking some of them then. Tonight I applied for a part time administrative assistant position in Parsippany. I am thankful I still have hospice and some private clients. Though I really really would like to be massaging more people and working in a hospital.

Thankfully, my bread baking is much improved because of the bread in 5 minutes a day book. I have made 2 loaves and they have been very tasty. I now want to have a 25lb flour bucket and 10 lbs of yeast so i can do nothing but bake. Our home smelled delicious today!

I have also been working on my stories to submit and that has been lovely. I amaze myself what I can come up with and how much I enjoy trying to construct the proper tone and depth of my characters and their stories.

Another bright side is that by dining out with friends tonight, we had camaraderie, drinks, food and an all around good time. That is the best healer of aggravation. Laughter and fun. Thankfully, it does not have a price. Except if you eat out ;-) but it is worth it.


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