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Cheaper car insurance, wireless, newer apartment, bliss

So I am sitting in our new apartment, on the floor, basking in all its newness, great location and fantastic wireless connection. We are temporary residents of Bernardsville in Somerset County and we could not be happier. Our car insurance went down $600 a year just by moving here. Take that Essex County! Now, Belleville was not a horrible place, hardly, but Essex is Essex and it was over priced, over taxed (though that applies to most of NJ) and after having a falling out with a few people, it no longer felt like a welcoming place. Then again, falling out or not, I had hated living there about four years ago. Too congested, too noisy, too many things breaking down in our apartment, just too much of everything.
The best was yesterday. As we were sleeping with our windows open, a young girl screams out "F*@k!" a few times at 8:15am while walking to school with her buddies. I'll pass thank you. In NYC it is acceptable, outside my window, not so much.
Hence, this tempor…

The Art of Packing

Our apartment looks like a bomb went off in it. We have been packing like mad and moving stuff to a friends barn for storage. We did not want to bring every single piece of our lives with us to our temporary apartment only to have to move it again, so it is in country storage.
Another good friend has been supplying us with boxes and tape and packing materials.
This is why we are grateful for our friends. They help us out when we need them and offer excellent solutions during a chaotic time.
The hubby and I purged A LOT of stuff prior to this packing adventure and yet, we have so much stuff that is boggles my own mind. Why do we have most of it? I keep making Goodwill trips to alleviate the amount of stuff we take. I also filled some garbage bags up with crap I had no idea we even had at this point. Locating lead crystal candle holders we got when we were married and have yet to use, holiday lights that do not even work, gift bags that were ripped and torn, insane. I know most of you…

Farming and ganglion cysts!

Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania in Wyoming County is quite beautiful. I had the pleasure of visiting friends who own a fabulous farm on the outskirts of this pretty town. I have zero skills when it comes to gardening and fortunately my friend Sara was more than happy to educate me in the ways of soil and all other things plant related. She also spoke to me about raising chickens, goats and sheep. The chickens are stunning as are the sheep and lambs. Of course with sheep all I see is yarn, but they were darn cute. So were the spectacular Scottish Highland Cattle. Their bull is quite a handsome boy named Connor. I also had homemade pizzas and yummy grilled veggies,but this delectable creature I had for breakfast. How can anyone not eat a Dutch Baby everyday???

Oh yeah, that "baby" can clog your arteries and taste good doing it! I got to eat homemade ice cream with real cream from the cows up the road. Naturally, my stomach handled it well where if I have Rita's or Applegat…

A cottage, a couple and a vision of love.

So, in the course of house hunting again, we came across a 1920's Colonial Cottage and WHAM!! I had a vision as I walked through it. No one saw this beauty of this place, no one saw that it cries out for personality and perhaps even become and Arts and Crafts style home, no one but no one, sees the potential of this charming house sitting amongst massively renovated Victorians, Cape Cods and Colonials, no one, but me. Yes it needs refreshing, so amazing what a can of paint can do, but this is the type of house that over the years, as it is improved upon, will garner "oohs and ahhs". The yard is a good size for a garden and patio, with me adding a mudroom to the back stair area, and the garage is only 3 years old. It does not match the house, but that can be fixed. My husband was brought to the cottage yesterday and he saw my vision and even though it will take years and money, we both believe it is truly worth it. Now, who is to say this deal can pan out, we all kno…

Don't be fresh! Well, just not right now...

This is easier said then done. The frustration of not being able to find work in any NJ hospital has been nerve wracking and scream inducing. You spend a chunk of money getting trained to do a good thing and BAM! you are out of luck. Yes, I have applied to Unit Secretary, admin asst, sweeper of floors and nothing. So, I have resolved myself to eventually filling out volunteer forms once we move. That is right, by the end of the month, I will reach out to local hospitals and other health places and give away my services. Yes, it is very nice to be able to help relieve suffering and know the patient will be less stressed once I give them a gentle massage. No, it is not very nice to keep doing this stuff for free. As fresh and selfish as it sounds, it does bog you down after awhile. Of course hospitals want you to do it for free. They are the worst when it comes to handling cash and getting grants written. You have everyone wanting more for their needs and desires. Whatever …

Classic. Vintage. Handmade.

*Bette Davis in The Little Foxes, dress by Orry-Kelly

Well I hope everyone had a nice Momma's Day. :) And may you all look as fabulous!

One of the greatest things about the Internet is locating folks who you share similar interests with. Of course, if you look hard enough, we can all find someone of a like mind. For me, it is nice to commiserate with people on food, frugality, knitting, vintage wear, etc. Speaking of vintage, I just came across one of the coolest posts on vintage lingerie and here it is. I have also been following a gal who has chosen to live ife as if it was 1955. A fascinating read and educational. She posts photos and recipes and about the news of that time. She is also having a grand time doing it and it has been wonderful following it.
All this vintage makes me yearn for Rosalind Russell's wardrobe in Auntie Mame. Perhaps not all of it was practical, but I am sure Orry-Kelly could have made a superb gar…

Apply to jobs, Seek a home and bake bread

Yes, I feel like that angel as the inevitable has come upon us, we are now going to search for our 5th house. We are not angry, we are not pitiful, we are more numb and at times, wondering how we got born under a bad sign. The septic issue could not get resolved due to the fact the sellers have no money at all to offer a credit on the system which received 2 unsatisfactory ratings. They of course believed their system is fine and would be willing to credit us some cash for a third inspection, but so what? If another person says it is crap, pardon the pun, they have no cash to credit us the cost of repairs which can run the gamut of 15K to 30K.
We have learned a whole lot and that is a plus. Perhaps it is my true destiny to become a house inspector. HA HA! (I have to laugh or I will vomit.)
Most importantly, our new search involves houses only with public sewers.

I have applied to 16 jobs since February 22, probably more, but I only began tracking some of them then. Tonight I applied…

All Hail Gwen Verdon!

When Broadway was Awesome:

"Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" of my fave songs at 3:53



That is not me, but it represents how I truly feel about Jenny McCarthy and Oprah. Oprah, queen of whatever makes a buck, is giving Jenny "I am more educated in autism than a Harvard Med student" McCarthy a talk show. WTF??? Here is a woman, who unfortunately has many folks buying into her vaccines cause autism bullshit. What aggravates me the most is the lack of knowledge, data and hard facts behind her declarations. I am a firm believer that genetics plays the strongest role in autism. The Kirton Family in Utah is a prime example of this. Now, I know some people do not want to believe that their genes had anything to do with passing on a pathology to their child, but guess what? That is how cancer, ALS, cerebral palsy, and many other diseases come to light. I am even willing to give room to the fact that your kid was fine, got 5 vaccinations and is now not behaving like he did. Well, somewhere in your genetics/epigenetics, even if he only had ONE vaccination, could ha…

A rainy Sunday, but Saturday was nice!

So today is a rainy day, but relaxing. We are still waiting on news to see if our deal with the house is going forward or if the hunt resumes. Not excited to resume a hunt, but it is really out of our hands now. As Tom Petty sang, "The waiting is the hardest part." It is and it sucks, but it is what we must do. Just keep your fingers crossed that we will hear something ASAP so I can either curse like a sailor or begin drawing up my garden.
We went to NYC yesterday, it was a beautiful day. Bought the beloved Aussie biscuit, Tim Tams, the greatest cookie EVER! I highly recommend dunking them in a cup of hot tea. MMMMMMMMMMMMM...they are hard to locate here in the states. We got them at the Holy Land Market on St Marks, so if you are in the city, go get yourself some. Of course they were expensive, $6.99!!, but so darn worth it.
We ate a very yummy lunch at Curly's Vegetarian, their fries with the buffalo sauce is out of this world! Meat eaters can enjoy themselves at t…