Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Septic Inspections are fun!

Ahh the joys of becoming a home owner.
So, we had the septic inspection today, our seepage pit is backing up into the septic tank, there is way too much liquid so it needs to be remediated. Our lawyer has to find out if they sellers have any money at all to do the fix themselves OR they can give us concession. It is at least a $10K repair job. Oddly enough, the hubster and I are eerily calm about the whole thing. No reason to get ourselves in a tizzy until we see what the sellers say. We figure they are going to have a stroke when they got the news, yes they pumped it every year, but, literally, shit happens, so I will keep you posted.

As for my next move career choice wise, it has only been a day since my rejection online, today I got the letter. Good times. I am still toying with trying to get back into college and get my Bachelor Degree. I think I need a few days to still sit with it and see what path feels right. It certainly will not happen overnight, but something will come.

Enough self pity crap, here are some choice links:

I really, really want to eat here someday: Blue Hill Farm
Why I wish I had money. So I could spend it at this art gallery in NYC: Julie:Artisan's Gallery
AMAZING jewelry by 2 designers for those that dare to wear art Symbiotique

Have a choice evening!

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