Sunday, April 19, 2009

A quick post

So I hope everyone had a choice weekend. We certainly did. Saturday, we helped a friend plant at his country home and then Sunday, we went to Jazz Mass and had brunch afterwards. All in all a very nice way to spend our days with such beautiful weather. I also got my Artisan Bread book from the library and I cannot wait to start using it. I ordered a baking stone and a 5qt plastic container for the dough from King Arthur Flour. I just have to run up to Crate and Barrel with our gift certificate to get the oven thermometer and we will be good to go. I am actually looking forward to getting bread making under my belt. A worthy challenge and it will be a yummy one when all said and done too. Once I start, I will post photos of my achievements so you can join in on its baked goodness :).
I am also hoping to get some writing done this week on both stories I have been working on. Writing benders are fun, but staying up to 4am does not always make the next day easy. I look forward to visiting my Hospice patient and, fingers crossed, get the septic situation all straightened out so we can finalize the house and I can begin to plan my garden. Yeah!

And now, the links:
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