Monday, April 6, 2009

Must get well, must write

My hubster got sick Thursday and I got it last night. The perks of marriage is you get to pass illnesses. Of course when you have kids it is a festival of germs all the time, so due to the lack of little ones, we have avoided those scenarios.
For today I laid low. This usually does me best. Take one day and do nothing but lay like a slug and watch movies. Today's double bill was The Hours and Mansfield Park. Enjoyable and suitable for the dreary rainy day.
I probably encouraged the little bacterium on Saturday because I started writing around say, 11pm or so and stayed up until 4am. A damn good writing bender. Since the American Zoetrope contest, I have not really sat down and wrote anything substantial. Sure I have a notebook filled with outlines and scene ideas, but I had not tried to start organizing them until Saturday. Inexplicably, I sat down and just wanted to type. The interesting thing most folks do not know is my dad wrote. The sad thing is, as far as I know, he never tried to get anything published. I think that is a shame. Perhaps it is my age, but I am not afraid of being told "no thanks", "next time", etc. because the more I work at it, the better my writing can get. The other interesting thing, well to me at least, is it is really all I want to do right now. Creating something, taking the time to get it out of my head and putting it to "paper" for others to read. A mad rush and I like it. Writing teaches you patience. You may have the whole story finished in your head, but you release it bit by bit so as not to ruin the batter. maybe one day I will post snippets of my stories on here, not sure. Not that confident yet! :)
Another freaky thing happened Saturday, I made myself a necklace. I have not picked up my jewelery tools since my business went belly up. I find I missed sitting there, contemplating what to do with these beads and jewels in front of me. A nice feeling to reconnect with.

For ha-ha's, allow me to share some of the songs I listened to, over and over, while I got into the writing zone. I myself, am always surprised by what inspires me.
Ida Corr & Fedde Le Grand
Camille Jones & Fedde Le Grand
One Republic
Dannii Minogue


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