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Bread and Roses

BEHOLD MY BREAD! Yes, I, me, Miss Fifi, baked those fabulous 2 loaves. It was my first attempt and dare I say, it came out pretty well. I will not lie though, the middle was still a touch doughy, but when we cut slices we just toasted them in the oven and all was well. Here is a tantalizing side view of my bread.

Bread making is one of the few things, that if you asked me a year or so ago, I would have declared I would never try it. Well, here I am in 2009 and I stand tall as I say I now bake. You are thinking to yourself, big deal, you bake, what is all the hoopla? Well, since I have been unemployed, I have become a bit of a 50's style housewife connoisseur, sans the martinis. Though I may want to find a way to work those in. Actually, it all came down to me wanting to challenge myself and try thing I have never tried in terms of knitting a complicated pattern or baking. By going to the library, knitting, emailing, cooking and baking, reading blogs, posting on a blog, attempting a foreign language, etc I prevent myself from going stir crazy or falling into self pity mode. There certainly are days I get miffed because I cannot even land a part time receptionist or administrative assistant gig. My plight is hardly newsworthy as there are others in a real bad way so I am incredibly grateful for everything I have and for everyone I know. Now, back to the bread.
The recipe I used is for French Bread. Now I know what I made is not french bread, but my dough was all over the place so I grabbed 2 bread pans and voila! You see my end result. Even though dough took over my kitchen counter like the Smog Monster in Godzilla, it all worked out okay. The good news is my friend, Sara, has turned me onto a book, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. You all know I ordered it at my library because this is just too wonderful. You can make bagels, donuts, brioche, all from this one mother loaf....blissful!! As much as I enjoyed making the loaves above, more than once I thought the dough was not going to rise or survive my kneading. So, once I get that 5 minutes a day book, HA! Bread Bonanza in Mama's house!!

Roses for me is all the women out there in blog land. Their backgrounds and opinions are as varied as the rainbow. Stay at Home Moms, Christian women, Jewish women, Retro gals, Artists, etc. Their posts bring out a feeling of sisterhood for me and I enjoy reading them as much as I can. Now then, Retro is the word du jour so enjoy these blogs my lovelies.

Terrific blog about beauty trends of the past. I am ready for my close up Mr DeMille!
Retro Sewing, dresses for my midday Martini!
Vintage Starlet - good time, great fashions
This young gal is attempting to live as a 50's housewife for a year!
I would wear a dress every day if I could, A Dress A Day is a dream come true!
Laduree - in Paris, famous for the macaroons. I will take any gift from here, even just a bag thank you very much.
Thriftiness is next to Godliness.

I am in cheesy mode here - Winger - Headed for a Heartbreak

Have a wonderful weekend!
Cheers, MissFifi


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