Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Been a bit scattered

Sorry for the posting delay. We have been dealing with conflicting septic reports and deciding what is our next step. Our guys says the seepage pit needs remediation, their guy says there are absorption problems, but there is no issue. Yeah right. If anyone ever says buying a house is easy, they are LYING! It is hell and it sucks, but once I am gardening, it will be worth it. Then again, if I am not gardening by July I may be a bit unruly so forgive me now.
Because I am a little verklempt, I have decided to post some fabulous goodies. why should my stress be yours??

I recently read an Amish romance called The Postcard. Yeah, you read that right. There is no hanky panky and nothing lustful and rude, but that was what was great. It was refreshing. Sort of unrequited, but still interesting.

Ok, awesome art for as little as $20.00 You cannot beat that with a bat!
Mmmmm, a nice, decadent dessert: Dutch Baby Pancake
What a lovely place to spend the day: North Carolina Botanical Gardens
Cook's Garden is a catalog that makes me want to garden every day of the year.
I adore stationery and this looks like a great place to indulge.
Bowling Alone: seems like a very insightful read.
Maybe we can buy land and build a cottage if this house fall through.

That is all for now my lovelies, ta ta!


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