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Been a bit scattered

Sorry for the posting delay. We have been dealing with conflicting septic reports and deciding what is our next step. Our guys says the seepage pit needs remediation, their guy says there are absorption problems, but there is no issue. Yeah right. If anyone ever says buying a house is easy, they are LYING! It is hell and it sucks, but once I am gardening, it will be worth it. Then again, if I am not gardening by July I may be a bit unruly so forgive me now.
Because I am a little verklempt, I have decided to post some fabulous goodies. why should my stress be yours??

I recently read an Amish romance called The Postcard. Yeah, you read that right. There is no hanky panky and nothing lustful and rude, but that was what was great. It was refreshing. Sort of unrequited, but still interesting.

Ok, awesome art for as little as $20.00 You cannot beat that with a bat!
Mmmmm, a nice, decadent dessert: Dutch Baby Pancake
What a lovely place to spend the day: North Carolina Botanical Gardens

A quick post

So I hope everyone had a choice weekend. We certainly did. Saturday, we helped a friend plant at his country home and then Sunday, we went to Jazz Mass and had brunch afterwards. All in all a very nice way to spend our days with such beautiful weather. I also got my Artisan Bread book from the library and I cannot wait to start using it. I ordered a baking stone and a 5qt plastic container for the dough from King Arthur Flour. I just have to run up to Crate and Barrel with our gift certificate to get the oven thermometer and we will be good to go. I am actually looking forward to getting bread making under my belt. A worthy challenge and it will be a yummy one when all said and done too. Once I start, I will post photos of my achievements so you can join in on its baked goodness :).
I am also hoping to get some writing done this week on both stories I have been working on. Writing benders are fun, but staying up to 4am does not always make the next day easy. I look forward to v…

Septic Inspections are fun!

Ahh the joys of becoming a home owner.
So, we had the septic inspection today, our seepage pit is backing up into the septic tank, there is way too much liquid so it needs to be remediated. Our lawyer has to find out if they sellers have any money at all to do the fix themselves OR they can give us concession. It is at least a $10K repair job. Oddly enough, the hubster and I are eerily calm about the whole thing. No reason to get ourselves in a tizzy until we see what the sellers say. We figure they are going to have a stroke when they got the news, yes they pumped it every year, but, literally, shit happens, so I will keep you posted.

As for my next move career choice wise, it has only been a day since my rejection online, today I got the letter. Good times. I am still toying with trying to get back into college and get my Bachelor Degree. I think I need a few days to still sit with it and see what path feels right. It certainly will not happen overnight, but something will…


Yes, that is right, Rutgers, denied admitting me!! Back in the day, Rutgers had no cache, now, it does, it has one of the top Public Health schools in the nation. Sadly, I will not be seeing that school since I got denied by the School of Arts and Sciences, which I would have needed to attend to get all my sciences and other prerequisites set. Oh well. I was a crappy student back in the day, but much time has passed and I was hoping with my certified oncology massage training and clinic that would have given me an edge. Guess not kids. So remember, if you are a bad student 10, 20, 30 years ago, it will most likely, still bite you in the ass.
I do realize I am competing for jobs with laid off CEO's, nurses, teachers, everyone. The same stands true for state schools they were saying last week on the news. This of course makes me a little sad and anxious, but I must dust myself off and figure out a plan B. Do I go into Allied Health? Do I go back to the Arts? Do I have 16 kids and …

Health Care Reform

We owe it to ourselves to keep abreast of what is going on in health care. Yeah for some of you, you think it is boring, but you should know what is truly being done and said by the folks who run our hospitals, health care plans, charities and home health care.
Yesterday, people from small businesses, Merck & Co, Medco Health Solutions, Easter Seals, Tenet Health Care, Family Voices and many more sat around for 2 hours discussing with the Counselor to the President and Director of the White House Office of Health Reform Nancy-Ann DeParle, what they would like to see happen in health care reform. It was incredibly fascinating, enlightening and informative. There was a voice present for every single person and every issue. Discussions moved from special needs, end of life/hospice, incentive plans for employees and doctors, controlling costs, generic drugs, lack of hospitals, electronic medical records, etc.
I have attached the White House briefing AND the 2 hour video. I ur…

Must get well, must write

My hubster got sick Thursday and I got it last night. The perks of marriage is you get to pass illnesses. Of course when you have kids it is a festival of germs all the time, so due to the lack of little ones, we have avoided those scenarios.
For today I laid low. This usually does me best. Take one day and do nothing but lay like a slug and watch movies. Today's double bill was The Hours and Mansfield Park. Enjoyable and suitable for the dreary rainy day.
I probably encouraged the little bacterium on Saturday because I started writing around say, 11pm or so and stayed up until 4am. A damn good writing bender. Since the American Zoetrope contest, I have not really sat down and wrote anything substantial. Sure I have a notebook filled with outlines and scene ideas, but I had not tried to start organizing them until Saturday. Inexplicably, I sat down and just wanted to type. The interesting thing most folks do not know is my dad wrote. The sad thing is, as far as I know, he…

Bread and Roses

BEHOLD MY BREAD! Yes, I, me, Miss Fifi, baked those fabulous 2 loaves. It was my first attempt and dare I say, it came out pretty well. I will not lie though, the middle was still a touch doughy, but when we cut slices we just toasted them in the oven and all was well. Here is a tantalizing side view of my bread.

Bread making is one of the few things, that if you asked me a year or so ago, I would have declared I would never try it. Well, here I am in 2009 and I stand tall as I say I now bake. You are thinking to yourself, big deal, you bake, what is all the hoopla? Well, since I have been unemployed, I have become a bit of a 50's style housewife connoisseur, sans the martinis. Though I may want to find a way to work those in. Actually, it all came down to me wanting to challenge myself and try thing I have never tried in terms of knitting a complicated pattern or baking. By going to the library, knitting, emailing, cooking and baking, reading blogs, posting on a blog, attemp…

Music, Music, Music

I have never looked as good as Ann Miller above, BUT she was a fabulous dancer and I loved to dance and danced we did at least 4 nights a week. God I miss Aldo's, Pipeline, Club USA, Limelight....those were the days.
Sitting here, revamping my resume and typing a cover letter, I decided to look up songs I have heard over the past few days to just blare them and let them wash over me. Music is very telling. I do not care if it is cheesy, romantic, hardcore or just plain dull, the songs we love, the lyrics we sing, the music that moves us, all define who we are in some ways. Without further fanfare, here are some new and old songs I am listening to. There will be surprises in some of my choices, but hey, that is what makes life interesting and why you all dig me.

Ben Harper and Relentless 7 - Shimmer and Shine
Best first line in a song ever: "It takes a hundred miles of love to heal a mile of pain"

Lily Allen - The Fear
Sarcasm beautifully done. The remix of the song rocks t…