Sunday, March 22, 2009

'Tis Sunday and I have things to share

(thank you to Alberto Vargas)

Hello my beautiful people. Our house hunting continues, our dog's blood came back fine, but now we must take her to the neurologist, good times, and I am trying to think out of the box and see what my path shall be. A lot going on that can distress me, but I am doing my best to not let it eat me up.
Beautiful gestures and things make people smile. In my present state of mind I feel the need to seek out beauty and artistry A LOT. It soothes my anxiety and gives me perspective where I lack it. The arts have always been a comfort and so with that thought I roll out what needs to be appreciated. Be it flowers, jewelry, locations, beauty is everywhere.

The Winterthur Estate in Delaware beckons you to relish the stunning gardens and enjoy the Brandywine valley. I really would love to take a weekend jaunt here.

Natchez, MS looks relaxing and interesting. shopping, down home southern cooking, even though I am a vegetarian I have no issue with recognizing others' desires to eat well prepared meat, historic beauty, this may have to go onto my list of places I need to see.

Vintage Kitten a blog that always makes me want to look glamorous and have a cocktail!

Staying with the kitty theme, the jewelry by Cleo and Cat is fantastic and bold. I covet their cuffs and rings.

Artists can be quite a boon to depressed areas. They come in, rehab a neighborhood, others follow and then BAM! a revitalized town. Detroit is probably one of the hardest hit areas in our nation. Design 99's Powerhouse Project is hoping to bring life back to this hard hit city. 20/20 recently covered these artists' story and here is the video as well.

Everyone loves homemade pie. I myself, would enjoy a piece of pecan pie right now, but alas, it is late and I am in no mood to bake. If you are in Durham, NC though, you lucky kids you, you can go to the Durham Farmers Market and get your hands on pies made by Scratch . My fave thing they offer is 4 weeks of pie for $65.00. There is a God, and he likes pie!


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