Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This, that and the other thing

Isadora had to go back to the vet today as she still has tremors. They took blood, we will get results tomorrow. If they do not find anything with that, it will be off to the Neurologist. I took her to the park afterwards where she played in the leaves, ran and barked for an hour. The vet said that even though they know about Cerebellar hypoplasia, they really do not know they full extent the disease can have on the animal. Hopefully it is nothing, though it could be epilepsy she has too. Everyone think good thoughts and thank goodness she has her wheels!
  • Watched the documentary A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash today and it was simply fascinating, enlightening and downright scary. If you do not recall the 1973 Oil embargo you should because the shortage will happen again and this time not from OPEC holding back. When they talk about how oil is used and how wasteful we all are, it really unnerves you and dammit, it should.
  • Want to know what is really in the products you use and if the ingredients are safe? GoodGuide is a website that lets you type in the name of shampoos, cleaners, lipstick that you use and you can read the Health, Environmental and Social performance of the product.
  • Homeless youth should never be used in the same sentence. These kids need hope and a future and Do1Thing.org helps to facilitate that.
  • Search and Rescue dogs are crucial to disaster rescue teams. Search Dog Foundation is a non-profit that recruits dogs from shelters & breed rescue groups. Read their stories and maybe help a puppy that can help someone someday.
  • These are the cutest, most divine travel books I have ever seen!
  • If I was living in Sedona, New Mexico, Asheville, Napa, anywhere but NJ, I would build a Rammed Earth home. They are quite amazing.
  • I want to make these sugars myself they sound delightful!
  • Bourbon Soy Sauce anyone?
And finally, my love of OldHouses.com continues with this gem in Texas

Cheers and Good thoughts!

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  1. I hope everything is okay with Isadoras test results. I have a dog and four cats and its so worrying when there is something not right, fingers crossed X