Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poop, film and a few links to knock out the kinks

Where we live people fail to pick up their dog poop. This is absolutely infuriating. When I walk our dog, I have to constantly maneuver around the various piles of fecal matter left behind by lazy ass owners. Izzy needs to run in the grass because her condition gives her a sort of curled paw, so grass is more comfy. I constantly have to pull her out of it because there is fresh, a few days old and decimated poop. I am not sure why this is so difficult for people. Walk your dog and bring a bag. It is disgusting and nasty and shows no pride of your neighborhood. As my friend always says, "People are shit" and in this case he is correct. PICK IT UP PEOPLE!

One the best and most overlooked actors of our time is James LeGros. He has been in films like Scotland, PA, Living in Oblivion and the amazing Showtime miniseries, Sleeper Cell, which everyone in it was incredible. I hate that the same boring actors and reality show dredge is always getting props when this guy is fantastic. So James LeGros, I salute you!

  • One of my favorite movies ever - The Sure Thing
  • When we have a house, I will have a garden and yes, I will have a sublime shed.
  • Want to see something other than a Disney produced nightmare on Broadway? Let the talented actor, "Rocco" give you the 411 on his blog What's Good/What Blows in NY Theater.
  • Art can get boring, everyone has a Monet or Van Gogh reproduction. These authentic museum street banners from are the bomb!
  • When I have money I am joining a yarn CSA.
  • A doctor in the NHS has some interesting stuff to say.
  • This would be a nice little vacation home in Charleston SC
  • The PBS American Masters documentary about Jerome Robbins is simply wonderful. Watch his Wedding/Bottle Dance in Fiddler which is mind blowing.
Cheers my dears, until we meet again,

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