Sunday, March 1, 2009

Penny for your thoughts?

Back in the day you would have said no, now you want that penny. How can we, the richest nation on earth get by on say, $80,000 a year for a family of four?? I mean, we want to go to Disney World and Europe, all have our individual cell phones and individual computers too. We want to wear Juicy Couture, have a flat screen tv, live in the swankiest town and drive the best car we can not afford. Hmmm, such a dilemma for us all. Amazingly, my hubby and I got by on about $20-25K a year when he was in school and I was trying to get a jewelry business off the ground. Can you believe we are still here?? Where there is taking me is instead of giving up cable, that third car or not going on vacation, people casually and carelessly dispose of their pets. The amount of abandoned pets are staggering and Horses are the latest causality of this economic nightmare. Some owners are trying desperately to keep them, others give pets back as casually as one would return a toaster to Target. Now, I hate to join in the ranks of bitching about the repercussions of the economy, but it seems that in some cases, some folks have yet to learn a lesson and to be less self-consumed. An animal is a responsibility and one needs to think it through before adopting a rabbit, a cat or a horse. I think there should be records kept on all the folks who left animals in foreclosed homes, dropped them at shelters without working out a deal to get them back when they get back on their feet, kudos to those who did work out a deal, and these abandoners should never be allowed to adopt an animal again. It is not expensive to keep a dog or cat, it can be in certain medical cases, but you made a commitment when you adopted/bought the animal just like when you had a child. Then again, some of these people should probably have never had kids either, but then again, God has a sense of humor.

Happy thoughts:
We love the Blue Ridge Mtns of North Carolina. When we go back, I want to go here.
If anyone in NJ is up for it, I am so in for a Soup Swap!
I would wear this English Riding Coat everyday. To the scones!!
Love, love, love this creepy art wear by Margaux Lang
This post is for Kristy, chocolate-peanut butter lover extraordinaire
David Bowie is genius personified, so here is an oldie abut a goodie with NIN

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