Sunday, March 8, 2009

Knowledge is power !

so stated Auntie Mame....henceforth, I have decided that I would search around and post some goodies for us all to share.

Depression cooking with Clara - she is 93. Rock on!
Preservation of Historic Buildings is important even if someone at Toll Brothers does not agree. Connecticut barns are the next round trying to get restored.
This couple did an AMAZING revamp of their home proving an old home can rock better than a McMansion. Do the house tour to see the brilliant transformation.
If I had children, I think I might have sewn some of these outfits.
Yarn Harlot always makes me envy her knitting skills and laugh at her stories.
RuPaul Drag Race - I am addicted to it and wish I looked this good!
Are pets worth the money? To me, yes.
Very cool clocks.
Breathe in and out. Yoga Journal, to help you relax in tough times.
If you love dresses like I do, this blog will fulfill all your dress desires.
Looking for a challenge? Try reading Principa Mathematica. Good times.

Love and Rockets,

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