Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Health Care - Nice Oxymoron

It is time we admit that as a nation we have failed miserably when it comes to proper health insurance, medical care and preventative medicine. Overworking our doctors, nurses and rest of the hospital staff is commonplace. Insurance slams these people by making them document every eye blink or it never happened, hence, no reason to cover it. Preventative is an ugly word in our system which is an effrontery to every citizen. Then you have hospitals with money who are able to install bar code systems and electronic medical records as well as offer state of the art care. In the meantime, other hospitals have to fight for every penny. The imbalance is becoming greater and more noticeable and the question is, when the hell will the average American get pissed off enough to help push change through? First off, stop acting as if a doctor is God, they have enough pressure. if you are not happy with their treatments, procedures or bedside manner, get a new doctor. You are not sure you want to follow the protocol they want to do for your ailment? Then get a second, third, hell, fifth opinion if you need. We all all only become better people and better at what we do when we continue to learn. I actually have to reference today's Oprah show with Dr. Oz which was all about medical mistakes. 100,000 people die a year from them. Watch the episode and then find a way to get involved. Fund raise for a hospital or charity, become a health professional, do something instead of standing idly by. Help bring about the change we need or we are in for a really shitty ride.

We should all laugh over the simple things like Ethan

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