Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Puppy, People and Philanthropy

This is our beloved Jack Russell Terror, Isadora aka Izzy. She was born with cerebellar hypoplasia so she has to use a wheelchair to run and cause havoc. Before she had the wheelchair, she would roll, stumble like a drunk and hit her head, of course we think she has a permanent concussion due to that, but we may never know. Anyway, to prevent Izzy from being bored, JRT's like activity as much as possible, we ventured out to the park. This was her very first outing there yesterday and we had a blast. She walked, ran, attacked sticks and proceeded with her normal behavior of threatening others within a 30 yard radius, a successful visit indeed. I need to take pictures of her running with a 3 foot stick in her mouth. It is entertaining and I am hoping the busier the park gets, the better she will be and lose some of her aggression. This is why we hesitated before, but I think it will work out well. Plus she slept hard after and we like that the best!

I admit I am not a nice person when it comes to all the current foreclosures. I worked in Mortgages years ago and when sub primes began, me and many others knew it was risky and stupid. Thanks to greed on the bankers parts and sheer belief amongst the regular folks that the "American Dream" was their right, many people have lost their homes.
Perhaps it is me, but if someone offers you a $500K loan and you only make $35K, you sure as hell know you cannot afford it, but you hear what you want to hear come out of all the mortgage companies mouths and sign the papers anyway?!? You then feign ignorance to how your loan was structured, the lack of lawyers involved is astounding, but brokers do need to own up they did not explain shit too, then cry that Wall Street did this to you?!? I think not. I think most of us in America are a bunch of spoiled brats who want things NOW to show status and damn the hard work and the rules to get there. The coveting of cars, houses, I-pods, TVs, clothing is absolutely insane. Why not covet someones investments or savings or real estate ventures? Why not covet education in finances, estate planning or private wealth? Go covet something that can teach you how to build wealth and be solid. Purchasing a Coach bag will not make you wealthy. You will look pretty on the food bank line though. Regardless of the market, Warren Buffet and many others are hardly worried. Even at its worst right now, we still have more than most countries and this lamenting about having to downsize and not shop is really childish. We are still a new nation, so we behave like teenagers. Europe and Asia are older and should have known better, but they played with us teens, now they are paying for it too. Of course, once the economy comes back we will all forget this episode because humans do that best. Hopefully we will finally realize that "Greed is Good" was just a line from a movie and not a mantra for life.

You are all better than the above, so go and donate: Charity Navigator

Here is a wonderful charity called DonorsChoose.org. Teachers list what they need for certain projects, you pick what to donate, kids get to learn and are happy, then everyone feels good. Honestly, it is truly a terrific idea.

For fun: Fabulous way to disguise kitty's toilet

Peace, Prosperity and Critical Thinking,


  1. Though I've never met Izzy I can say that I am smitten!

  2. Aww Izzy is adorable. I recently adopted a 7 month old Jack Russell from a dog shelter. He saw snow for the first time recently (infact I just put the pictures on my blog last week) He also wears a coat. Spookily I have a kitten called Izzy too. X