Monday, February 16, 2009

Princeton, NJ

Princeton is quite a fabulous place. Not just for the beautiful campus of Princeton University, but there are terrific shops and restaurants everywhere too. It has a cool vibe and no I do not find it snobby. Now, as most of you know, I love to read and the unfortunate thing is that if you live in a mediocre town or a small town, your library shall be lacking. Thanks to your reference desk you can order books to be brought in, but there are times I wish my library had more than what they do.
Today we drove to Princeton and walked around as we were meeting friends later on. First stop was Labyrinth Books. A great store that caters to the students and residents. Very interesting selections and there were chairs for you to just sit and chill. The Princeton version of Barnes and Noble. After that we went to House of Cupcakes and I had a delicious red velvet cupcake. We decided to sit in the sun and enjoy our treats when there it was, across the street....the Princeton Public Library. This is no ordinary library, this is the motherland of libraries. We went in and I looked at my husband and said, "I hate everyone and would live here just to have access to this." By all means, let me explain and then show you pictures. There is a cafe when you walk in, an information desk that looks like it belongs at the Met Opera House, a self checkout section, a flat screen TV showing a fireplace, magazines that you can only usually get at those teeny international stores in NYC and so much more. This a place for you to sit down and live for a day. Multiples of books, 5 "Water for Elephants", 6 of "Middlesex" because the have their own local book group, Internet access, 3 floors of glorious reading material. Now I get it. When you are in a moneyed area, your libraries and hospitals are outstanding and that my friends makes me wish I had money just so I could have THAT library. From what i was told, if you lived out of the district but wanted to belong to that library anyway, you could pay $150.00 to join. I kid you not, it would soooooooooooooo be worth it. Enjoy!


  1. Miss FiFi,

    I LOVE this POST and, like you, decided to move within walking distance of this Library - I'm not kidding - while some people care about how close they live to Target I care about going to this Library at least 3 times a week. My son is being raised to believe that a Library is a constant element in his life! If you ever want to "rant" about Princeton you are welcome to be a guest blogger on my blog Princeton Boulevard at share the same taste!

    Best and keep bloggin!