Thursday, February 19, 2009

Job Hunting Reject: "Thanks, but no thanks"

Suffice to say I am in one pissy mood. Our cat Chloe continues to defecate partly in the litter box and then finish in the kitchen or the rug. We took her to the vet, all is well, she is just rushing and not finishing apparently. We were told to try new letter so we shall. If not, there is a Chinese Restaurant down the street I will send her to. To add to all things poopy, I just got ANOTHER job application rejection. Actually, here is what they wrote.
"Thank you for your interest in potential employment opportunities within Atlantic Health.  We have received your application for the Administrative Assistant .  After careful review, the department has decided to interview other candidates whose qualifications and experience are more consistent with their needs."

So apparently, my 5+ years of admin experience is worth crapola. Co-owning an unprofitable jewelry business does not pay off either nor does being an oncology massage therapist. I am sure people who dislike me heavily out there are pleased to see my stagnation and frustration. If I was them, I would enjoy it too. Kind of like the small joy you get out of seeing an ex-friend put on a good 50 pounds. It is petty and pointless, but dammit, it makes you feel good for 3 seconds. I do not deny that I am petty, we all are, that is what makes us human and small.
I know in the grand scheme of things there are 2,000 of us applying to the same crappy job in one day, but that does not make this easier. I have a house I want to buy with the mister and go on to further education. This latest denial will not stop me, but it does make for a bigger speed bump.
I am now off to drown my sorrows with a classic film "The Palm Beach Story" and some lunch while hanging with the couch Nazi, Isadora.

Here is one link of joy for now, the fabulous Fortnum and Mason now have a USA website. Whee!

Peace, love and anti-depressants,
PS I am having issues with the fonts in Blogger so I apologize

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  1. Hi Fi,

    Deni's growth was benign. Found out today.

    Sorry to take the food out of your mouth tho. :p

    If Chloe is in a rush maybe there is a territorial thing going on with the litter box. Or she feels vulnerable when she goes.