Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Dreaded Religion Rant

I am pretty good about not giving a damn what anyone practices or not practices. Faith is such a personal choice that when people slam their beliefs down someone else's throat, I admit I get a twitch. The Joshua Project is one of these things I find unacceptable. They single out certain cultures and their faiths, that existed long before you, me, dinosaurs and Jesus Christ, and try to make them embrace Jesus. This includes Muslims, Buddhists and Jews. They fall under what is known as the 10/40 window or Resistant belt.
This is one of the reasons I loathe organized religions, especially the evangelical ones. Like it or not, we do all believe in the same God but, praise him differently. Why should you try and convert me when you can teach love and tolerance? Nope, when you are a hard core bible thumper, your job is to convert us so you get a special place in heaven and I do not go to hell.
Now, I am certainly not opposed to mission work, I think it is a wonderful thing. I understand religion goes along with it, but we must, as a nation, learn to respect other cultures if we really want to get by in this world and move forward. How can you claim to love thy neighbor when all you want to do is make him just like you? Your intent is false. There is no love, just conversion, points, a selfish need to show off to God that you got someone on "your side". I ain't buying it. I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school for 9 years along with Catholic summer camp. Luckily I got to go to a non-religious camp at times in NY State, thank you Aunt and Uncle! The thing is, I recall my prayers and there were some great moral lessons, but I never felt I had to convince anyone my faith was better and stronger. I could love God and the Virgin Mary all I want, but how does that make me better than my Jewish husband or my Muslim friends? I guess I live in a fantasy where I want these homeschooling, hardcore biblical womanhood following people to take a second and think beyond all they know. What works for you works for you, just do not feel it would work for everyone. There is nothing wrong with sharing your love of all things Jesus, but it certainly is not Christian to say I am going to hell because I do not adhere to your doctrines. Funny thing is, not one of these people who need to read this will, so for now it is out there for the universe and if it gets to one fine, but we all know, if it did, they would be praying for my soul not to be lost during the Rapture.

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