Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Continuing to amass useless info...

but it some ways, it is good I have someplace to post it all!
  • I can across this fabulous English home design site. It is quite wonderful.
  • Wanted: Graphic artist who is also a delicious baker? Look no further than CPB Gallery.
  • Looking for something different to do in NJ/NY area? Visit New York' s outdoor sculpture park Stormking. After that head to Hamilton, NJ to the amazing Grounds for Sculpture.
  • Need good advice during these tough times? Check out Total Candor's blog.
  • I want an Aga range and I want it now.
  • Bellissima Modesty Boutique carries cute styles and at a ridiculous low price. If you order from them, let me know their quality.
  • Daa glass, beautiful stuff, have seen it in person, get yourself a piece immediately.
  • Candied clementines from VeganYumYum, I want to see how many I can shove in my cheeks!
  • "Who got a bath??" make sure you scroll to see all photos
  • The ergo baby carrier is the cutest thing I have ever seen, though I doubt they make them to hold multi-multiples.
Which leads to the following rant:
Yes, we are a PC world but you know what, I am about to go against that and say this only once. Why has no one questioned the ethics of the idiot doctors who allowed a single mom with 6 kids to have In vitro and use 8 embryos? Did she have the requisite counseling and psychological profiling done before hand? Do we really believe a single mom with 6 kids is the right person for octuplets? Is anyone?! Now, she has tv and book offers...why?? To encourage rampant, reckless breeding? I call bullshit. I am sorry, but enough is enough. We still do not really know long term effects of IVF let alone having your uterus maintain a litter and this woman wants to be a childcare expert? I am sorry, what mental defect was missed? Great you want to be a mom, but you live at home at 33 years old, have 6 kids and want more? VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME!! Go be a nursery school teacher, a day care provider, do something but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT think you will fill the empty hole in your life with 8 pups. Has anyone asked her who will care for these 14 children if she dies?? This is beyond selfish and the medical community should have stopped her somehow, someway. Big Brother? Sure, this is when you need it most. Okay, enough of that let her go with God for now.

Peace, Hugs, Cheers and Cheesecake,

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