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Toby, Tidbits and a Tiny Tirade

There is no particular reason that I am posting a photo of the fabulous actor Toby Stephens, I was just in the mood and he is fantastic eye candy. Yum, yum yum!

Hilarious! Dirtiest hotels listed on Trip Advisor.
This home in the Hollywood Hills is choice, scroll down for the photos
I covet this red bowl like nobody
Roaches, yes Roaches
Photo frame clock, interesting design idea
I love writing letters, but alas, not many people do, but if you did, mail me something on this please
I want to go to Phabulous Phoenix to see this exhibit
Why cats will always rock

Oprah was sad yesterday as a special report by Lisa Ling discussed all the tent cities going up around the nation. I think what bothered me most was that these people were in their 40's and 50's and would not tell their children they were homeless. Most of them said they did not want to burden them and of course shame was obvious. Terribly heartbreaking and scary because it could be anyone of us.

Ending with a small rant here:
I am n…

Puppy, People and Philanthropy

This is our beloved Jack Russell Terror, Isadora aka Izzy. She was born with cerebellar hypoplasia so she has to use a wheelchair to run and cause havoc. Before she had the wheelchair, she would roll, stumble like a drunk and hit her head, of course we think she has a permanent concussion due to that, but we may never know. Anyway, to prevent Izzy from being bored, JRT's like activity as much as possible, we ventured out to the park. This was her very first outing there yesterday and we had a blast. She walked, ran, attacked sticks and proceeded with her normal behavior of threatening others within a 30 yard radius, a successful visit indeed. I need to take pictures of her running with a 3 foot stick in her mouth. It is entertaining and I am hoping the busier the park gets, the better she will be and lose some of her aggression. This is why we hesitated before, but I think it will work out well. Plus she slept hard after and we like that the best!

I admit I am not a nice perso…

Job Hunting Reject: "Thanks, but no thanks"

Suffice to say I am in one pissy mood. Our cat Chloe continues to defecate partly in the litter box and then finish in the kitchen or the rug. We took her to the vet, all is well, she is just rushing and not finishing apparently. We were told to try new letter so we shall. If not, there is a Chinese Restaurant down the street I will send her to. To add to all things poopy, I just got ANOTHER job application rejection. Actually, here is what they wrote.
"Thank you for your interest in potential employment opportunities within Atlantic Health. We have received your application for the Administrative Assistant . After careful review, the department has decided to interview other candidates whose qualifications and experience are more consistent with their needs."

So apparently, my 5+ years of admin experience is worth crapola. Co-owning an unprofitable jewelry business does not pay off either nor does being an oncology massage therapist. I am sure people who dislike me heavily …

The Dreaded Religion Rant

I am pretty good about not giving a damn what anyone practices or not practices. Faith is such a personal choice that when people slam their beliefs down someone else's throat, I admit I get a twitch. The Joshua Project is one of these things I find unacceptable. They single out certain cultures and their faiths, that existed long before you, me, dinosaurs and Jesus Christ, and try to make them embrace Jesus. This includes Muslims, Buddhists and Jews. They fall under what is known as the 10/40 window or Resistant belt.
This is one of the reasons I loathe organized religions, especially the evangelical ones. Like it or not, we do all believe in the same God but, praise him differently. Why should you try and convert me when you can teach love and tolerance? Nope, when you are a hard core bible thumper, your job is to convert us so you get a special place in heaven and I do not go to hell.
Now, I am certainly not opposed to mission work, I think it is a wonderful thing. I under…

Princeton, NJ

Princeton is quite a fabulous place. Not just for the beautiful campus of Princeton University, but there are terrific shops and restaurants everywhere too. It has a cool vibe and no I do not find it snobby. Now, as most of you know, I love to read and the unfortunate thing is that if you live in a mediocre town or a small town, your library shall be lacking. Thanks to your reference desk you can order books to be brought in, but there are times I wish my library had more than what they do.
Today we drove to Princeton and walked around as we were meeting friends later on. First stop was Labyrinth Books. A great store that caters to the students and residents. Very interesting selections and there were chairs for you to just sit and chill. The Princeton version of Barnes and Noble. After that we went to House of Cupcakes and I had a delicious red velvet cupcake. We decided to sit in the sun and enjoy our treats when there it was, across the street....the Princeton Public Library.…

Wrist, writing and (w)rescue

So this is De Quervain tendinitis which is what's wrong with my wrist. I have to keep my wrist splinted and rested as well as take ibuprofen. So my hubby gets to do my emails and posts - lucky him, ha ha!

Thanks to Westminster Dog Show I totally love the Tibetan Mastiff. Westminster also partnered with the charity Angel on a Leash.

And thanks to my continued unemployment, I have been reading a lot: right now Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is the top book. I am also registered at Daily Lit and am reading Mansfield Park. I have also been watching movies and probably have a career as a movie critic at present. I just watched Night Nurse with Barbara Stanwyck and Clark Gable. This movie was made in pre code Hollywood - what's pre code you ask? It's before religious and moralistic people got upset that adult situations were played out on screen. Drugs, sex, etc. were corrupting our youth! it's actually fascinating history and there is a whole documentary on it. Check it out i…

The Books of the Brontë Sisters and Hollywood

I have, over the years, become increasingly annoyed with Hollywood and their poor adaptations of favorite Classics. Hollywood prefers to edit things in a way that more than not, they leave out the best parts of the novels and give a dribble of the story.
My most recent complaint has to do with the poor handling of the genius of the The Brontë Sisters. These novels are dark, despairing, romantic, passionate and sadly, not always well portrayed by Hollywood, CA. The sisters transport you to their version of the world with their writing that it's criminal most of us read these novels in high school at a time when we do not really appreciate them.

Charlotte -Jane Eyre
Emily - Wuthering Heights
Anne - Agnes Grey/The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Spoilers will be listed so stop if you want to see these films or read the books!

Due to the intensity of these novels, it seems the mini-series a la BBC or Masterpiece Theater or A&E are better suited to producing better versions and gaining a leg…

Dreams and Doings

So, the other night, I had a bizarre dream with Tom and Katie Cruise. Not sure why, there was nothing on to influence me or bring them into my head. I hardly keep track of them and I am not necessarily a fan of them or all their work. This happens at least once or twice a week where I have a dream with some random actors/actresses, and then the inevitable happens. A movie of theirs or TV show with them will come on in the next few days. Kinds creepy, yet kinda cool. Too bad I cannot do this with lottery numbers! Then I think, maybe there is more to this...perhaps I should be acting! Folly? Yes, but like I said this happens so much I have to wonder, is it my calling? Was I Sarah Bernhardt in a past life? Should I attempt Voice Over work again or send my photos into the people at Ugly Models? Perhaps I should just finish that damn screenplay and stop horsing around with it. I say this because some of you know I entered a short fiction contest through American Zoetrope, Francis Fo…

Continuing to amass useless info...

but it some ways, it is good I have someplace to post it all!
I can across this fabulous English home design site. It is quite wonderful.Wanted: Graphic artist who is also a delicious baker? Look no further than CPB Gallery.Looking for something different to do in NJ/NY area? Visit New York' s outdoor sculpture park Stormking. After that head to Hamilton, NJ to the amazing Grounds for Sculpture.Need good advice during these tough times? Check out Total Candor's blog.I want an Aga range and I want it now.Bellissima Modesty Boutique carries cute styles and at a ridiculous low price. If you order from them, let me know their quality.Daa glass, beautiful stuff, have seen it in person, get yourself a piece immediately.
Candied clementines from VeganYumYum, I want to see how many I can shove in my cheeks!"Who got a bath??" make sure you scroll to see all photos
The ergo baby carrier is the cutest thing I have ever seen, though I doubt they make them to hold multi-multiples.

Just a quick post

Saw IRON MAN today and it was fantastic! I am in love with Robert Downeyjr all over again.

ok, small rant. Why do we have fashion experts?? I mean, I know what I like, okay, maybe we can all use some styling but come on! Someone sitting there telling me this pant is in season NOW and in September you cannot wear it?? Bollocks! I do not have the means to follow trends and nor do I want to. I certainly do not covert what "celebrities" wear. We have such an odd culture where we are conditioned to think because Oprah or Jennifer Aniston or Heidi Klum has it or wears it, you should beg, steal and borrow to do the same. Why? If I wear the same dresses or shoes will I have Oprah's business sense and money then? Will I get to "Auf" someone? It is time we move past this "celebrity" coveting and not be afraid of our own taste. As long as it is tasteful and not whorish or hillbilly, but then again, if it makes you happy, go for it.
That is all my dears, until ne…

Bad Meds, Movies and Misc stuff

I apologize for being absent, my wrist is still giving me aces now and so I try to give it rest.
A shout out to Cricket - Yes, Abby would be a great pal to hang out with!
So there is this horrible show called The Doctors on CBS, started up by "Doctor Phil". What irks me is that at times, these so-called pros give extremely poor advice at times and dumb down the medicine. Dr Lisa Masterson was the one who pissed me off the other day as she berated a so-called pregnant woman, I think the whole thing was contrived because this lady acted as if she knew nothing. This then allowed the ob/gyn to sound knowledgeable and adamant about what was going to happen to her fetus. She asked the woman if she knew what drinking did to her fetus, she had a cocktail now and then, because of that she was causing fetal alcohol syndrome and by smoking she was causing defects as well. The woman claimed to have no knowledge of what smoking did. The kicker for me was when "Dr" Masterson…