Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trying to have gratitude

So, in this crappy economy, we are reminded how we must be grateful for what we have, do not covet what we do not have and persevere with a smile. I am all for the positive outlook, it is what keeps people going. This inauguration seems to add fuel to this fire, I would not want Obama's job as too many people want him to fix things that took decades to destroy, and his current albatross is employment. Now, considering I do not have a job after laying out $10,000.00 for a one year course, in a new field, apparently this was very stupid, I am to suck it up and find ingenious ways to implement my training. Our final business class only focused on going into business yourself and not at all about how to work within a clinical/hospital setting.
Promises of job assistance and job placement were just a way of getting you in the door and shame on me for buying into it. Yes, I got an excellent education and I love love love my volunteer hospice work as it is very fulfilling, but it was not my one true goal. My goal was to help institute oncology massage therapy programs in a hospital setting. Not to teach, but to actually WORK on patients. People who need a little comfort touch while they sit there getting 5 hours of chemotherapy or sitting in an ICU after an operation. I am well aware that I sound bitter, defeated and pissed off. This is because it is all true. Our health care system needs a massive re-haul starting with Pharma, insurance and charity care. So where does some treatment like massage therapy fit in? I can hold the school at fault for not promoting their program better throughout NJ's hospitals, but perhaps it is better to follow this Japanese proverb "Fix the problem, not the blame". So for now, I apply to secretarial jobs as well as introduce myself to hospitals through letters and resumes hoping someone will be willing to see if my training and time are worth their time and money. In the meantime, if anyone needs a Swedish massage, contact me as I need the practice and the money :)

I think I need a vacation and I think I need to go to Pay Dirt Farm School

Peace, Cheese and Twinkies,

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  1. I feel you my dear friend. Keep the faith, chin up, blah blah blah :) I like to sing the theme of Fame to get me through...
    Rememba, rememba, rememba...