Thursday, January 15, 2009

Safe passengers, science and bit and pieces

Quote of the day: Live in spirit of blessing, not blame.

Bravo to the pilot who saved lives by flying seamlessly into the Hudson, nice job!

Keeping in the lightheartedness the movie Happy, Texas is a good time and a must see

Check out the band Little Machines very groovy tunes.

Now, for you non-scientific types, The effects of neonatal exposure to DES & DDT does some serious damage as it mimics estrogen, so naturally they have a hand in infertility issues. The infertility issues of the last decade have seemed to bred an impatience in getting pregnant so of course, along comes all these fertility treatments. I do wonder what risks the fertility treatments will eventually bring in some people and what will we see in the next twenty years. Remember, DES was deemed safe originally too.

Palin is not invited to dinner, boo f*****g hoo.


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