Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Religions of the World

So what is it about Muslims, Jews, Amish, Evangelicals, Mormons, Buddhists and the other myriad of religions that bother people? Is it their traditions? Culture? Modest dress? I believe it is the fact that our educational system has failed to make Religions of the World a required course. When I went to Catholic school, I am no longer practicing but that is for another post, we were told anyone who was not a Catholic would not go to heaven. This is the same faith that believed unbaptized babies went to limbo. Most of our religious upbringing and exposure helps to form a lot of prejudices. We walk around thinking our God is the right God and the only God. I find that a little repugnant. A friend, who is Born Again, always would state, "Only God can judge us, we cannot judge." I like that, but it sure as hell is not practiced by 99.9% of us either. We should embrace all these faiths and learn about them and also, recognize the amazing amount of similarities we share. Muslims, Jews, Amish and some Christian sects have women who cover their heads. Episcopals were Catholics, we call it Catholic Lite, but certain sects are a tad more embracing of all lifestyles. Most people have no idea why Jews and Muslims cover their heads. Part of it pertains to modesty, something that is sorely lacking in today's society. The other is religious or it has been stated on some sites,because of medical reasons or you just want to. I myself, have always found other religions interesting, especially the ones that have strong community bases, still practice fiber arts and cooking, home school (God bless, I do not think I could do that), and have a strong, unwavering faith. Obviously this is because a lot of it is opposite to how I was brought up in faith and family. Then again, being interested in the world around us is important to how we interact with each other no?
Anyhoo, I am going to list some amazing sites I have come across. It does not mean I agree or disagree with their doctrines, but is important for us to be aware of those around us and hopefully respect each other. Also, one should respect Atheists and Agnostics as well, it is their right to believe or not believe as they want.

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Enjoy and I will post more as I come across them

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