Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'll tell ya what is new with me!

Hello, Hello! Just finished watching NCIS, I love that show and have a crush on Mark Harmon. He is a sexy man AND would you believe he is 57?!?! God Bless...
Anyway, my wrist still hurts like hell. I try not type a lot, but I do and I am all the sorer for it. I am still job hunting like a lunatic. I think every hospital in a twenty mile radius has my resume. Unfortunately it is a horrible time for everyone and I try not to let it irritate me or get me down, but it does at times. Speaking of hunting, we are now back to house hunting. The house we found, which was wonderful and gorgeous, sadly has a myriad of issues, thank goodness for inspections!, so I am back to trolling about the realtor sites hoping to find a decent home in a decent town in NJ. Sometimes I would like to leave this wretched state with its high cost of living and go where I can be outdoors more and maybe, just maybe, find a job, but for now, I am bound here. I do love all my friends and would hate to leave them, but if I lived in say, Sonoma, CA, everyone would visit and this would make us happy. Maybe in 15-20 yrs we will relocate to someplace divine like Sausalito or Asheville or Paris, who knows? So in keeping with that thought, instead of being blue and blah, here are some lovely dream homes I want to share. Keep in mind, a dream home does not have to be highly elaborate or expensive. It can just have the right kitchen, my true dream, or the right yard or right garden. Since I adore looking at real estate I always find something somewhere. You may not all enjoy my taste, I like old houses more than new, but I am an equal opportunity houser ;-) Perhaps one of you will relocate just by seeing a house I feature. Enjoy my lovelies!

Pikesville, MD
- love the kitchen
Lancaster, PA - LOVE!
Raleigh, NC - Land of NY/NJ/CA transplants
Beverly Hills, CA - Gaudy, yet I would not say no
Savannah, GA - Mama loves Southern homes
Middletown, RI - To the hounds!
Fairfield, CT - bring me my wine on the deck please
Mobile, AL -Who would have thought Alabama?!
New Hope, PA - one of my favorite places
Union Twp, NJ - Hunterdon County, just move on in
Jefferson Twp, NJ - someone will love this
Pacific Palisades, CA - I will be on the beach...with Mark Harmon ;-)


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  1. LOVE NCIS- Abby would be the coolest friend EVER!

    Ever been to Colorado? Nice houses, clean living....Mexican resturants on every corner (kind of like Jerseys Dunkin Donuts)

    About the job situation...
    Have you considered Health Fairs? Renting a booth or table, and giving demonstrations? I'm sure hospitals and Nursng Homes have them. I have even seen Reiki Therapy at craft shows at Wayne Hills high school. Can you get reciprocity easily from other states, or do you have to take classes in each individual one?

    here's looking at you, kid.....