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Celebrity does not equal doctor

I know that my attitude about certain things can come across as pig headed, but in this case I believe I am 100% in the right.
As most of us know, Autism is the favorite disease of the general public and Hollywood. Yes Jenny McCarthy, you have a son with Autism and like any mom, you fought for him, tried all sorts of treatments and you "healed" him. Did you realize the consequences of this? You are now the authority for most of America regarding Autism. I am sure you and your PR team did not consider how many folks would listen to you and follow you, chelation is a DANGEROUS therapy but by all means, encourage it. Yes, 1 in 150 children will get Autism, the spectrum is HUGE and you know what, vaccines did not do this alone. Yes, I said it. I just had a discussion on one of my science blogs with a mom who swears that vaccines have poisoned her whole family and she even knows a child who got cerebral palsy from a vaccine.
Now, I can sympathize with her plight. She wants answers, there are none. Autism is still being researched and it is quite the complex pathology. I do not believe doctors are God and are always right and you know what? They do not always have the answers, but they know that and a good doctor will direct you to those who might. Believing after all these decades that vaccines are the only thing that causes Autism is ridiculous. How lucky we all are to have been kept from Polio, Mumps and Hepatitis B. Silly me! I got one better though, what about these sudden allergies to peanuts or honey? All of a sudden kids are walking allergy time bombs!? And to clear up another BS, vaccines did not give "Johnny" his food allergy or his ADHD. It amazes me how many parents on Autism blogs look for someone or something to blame when in all reality, it could be their own DNA that was flawed. Maybe their great grandmothers grandmothers DNA had something off about it and now, with all the extra hormones in food or the filthy air you breathe or maybe just you and your husbands DNA together, triggered the defect and it brought out Autism in your child. It could also come out as blindness, a learning disability, whatever the genes felt like doing.
Let's be honest, I am not Jenny McCarthy so no one will listen to me.
Thanks for letting me rant.

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