Sunday, January 4, 2009

2 very different topics

Public Health and Knitting are both things I have a serious interest in. Obviously one is a tad more leisurely than the other, but I still derive pleasure from both. Public Health is something most folks do not even bother to think about. Unless there is a disaster or an outbreak, then people panic. The best way to describe what folks in public health do is best described by The American Public Health Association:
"The Association aims to protect all Americans and their communities from preventable, serious health threats and strives to assure community-based health promotion and disease prevention activities and preventive health services are universally accessible in the United States."
I also keep up on many a Public Health blog to understand the field better and those that work in it. It is in our best interest to be informed when it comes to Public Health because many assumptions have been made about science and those who participate in it. It is a vast field where many do fight for better health care policies, vaccines, TB prevention, sex education, etc. I may not always agree with all they say, but it does pay to hear them out and listen because then you can form your own informed opinion.

And now, Knitting
Knitting has brought me much joy and things to wear, giveaway and sell. I have also been lucky enough to be able to share my joy/obsession of knitting by teaching others. I have a ton of knitting blogs that I love that I shall be listing but, to start, take a gander here and please note that this man is my knitting hero
Okay, now onto some not so fabulous work. I took on the challenge of knitting a shrug. now, I love my shrug and it came out very well BUT, as a busty gal, I look kind of 85 months pregnant in it. That is ok, I will wear it around the house and look Marvelous! Cheers!

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