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Religions of the World

So what is it about Muslims, Jews, Amish, Evangelicals, Mormons, Buddhists and the other myriad of religions that bother people? Is it their traditions? Culture? Modest dress? I believe it is the fact that our educational system has failed to make Religions of the World a required course. When I went to Catholic school, I am no longer practicing but that is for another post, we were told anyone who was not a Catholic would not go to heaven. This is the same faith that believed unbaptized babies went to limbo. Most of our religious upbringing and exposure helps to form a lot of prejudices. We walk around thinking our God is the right God and the only God. I find that a little repugnant. A friend, who is Born Again, always would state, "Only God can judge us, we cannot judge." I like that, but it sure as hell is not practiced by 99.9% of us either. We should embrace all these faiths and learn about them and also, recognize the amazing amount of similarities we share. M…

I'll tell ya what is new with me!

Hello, Hello! Just finished watching NCIS, I love that show and have a crush on Mark Harmon. He is a sexy man AND would you believe he is 57?!?! God Bless...
Anyway, my wrist still hurts like hell. I try not type a lot, but I do and I am all the sorer for it. I am still job hunting like a lunatic. I think every hospital in a twenty mile radius has my resume. Unfortunately it is a horrible time for everyone and I try not to let it irritate me or get me down, but it does at times. Speaking of hunting, we are now back to house hunting. The house we found, which was wonderful and gorgeous, sadly has a myriad of issues, thank goodness for inspections!, so I am back to trolling about the realtor sites hoping to find a decent home in a decent town in NJ. Sometimes I would like to leave this wretched state with its high cost of living and go where I can be outdoors more and maybe, just maybe, find a job, but for now, I am bound here. I do love all my friends and would hate to leave them, bu…

Celebrity does not equal doctor

I know that my attitude about certain things can come across as pig headed, but in this case I believe I am 100% in the right.
As most of us know, Autism is the favorite disease of the general public and Hollywood. Yes Jenny McCarthy, you have a son with Autism and like any mom, you fought for him, tried all sorts of treatments and you "healed" him. Did you realize the consequences of this? You are now the authority for most of America regarding Autism. I am sure you and your PR team did not consider how many folks would listen to you and follow you, chelation is a DANGEROUS therapy but by all means, encourage it. Yes, 1 in 150 children will get Autism, the spectrum is HUGE and you know what, vaccines did not do this alone. Yes, I said it. I just had a discussion on one of my science blogs with a mom who swears that vaccines have poisoned her whole family and she even knows a child who got cerebral palsy from a vaccine.
Now, I can sympathize with her plight. She wants answ…

quick post due to boo boo.....

Okay, not the bear, but a real injury. I am typing with just my left hand because i pulled the hell out of my extensors of my right arm and wrist. my carpals hate me. i have had acupuncture and was shown stretches and told to lay off the typing for a bit. So, here is my poorly punctuated post.
As a fan of frugality, Savvy Frugality is a fave read so check it out.
The documentary Ballet Russes is superb and enlightening.
We all need a vacation here for sure

That is all i have for you tonight, damn one hand typing! I promise to get back once I am right as rain. Cheers!

Artists and their art, I had to share

Xenobia Bailey is a fiber artist/crochet master and she will blow your mind
Eric Fischl was one of the artists I wrote a term paper on, he is captivating
Jessye Norman, just listen, it is sheer heaven
Nina Simone is FABULOUS, no one sings like this anymore
Jeff Buckley will always be sorely missed
I grew up listening to Leontyne Price sing Carmen...amazing!
Pavarotti, Nessun Dorma, if you do not tear up by the end, you have no soul....
and more so when sung by Paul Pott (yes, I was a crying fool)
The new U2 song kicks ASS!
I love when a singer really lets you hear their desperation - The Airborne Toxic Event
Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fame has 2 daughters that have followed his musical footsteps check out BlackBlack
Because it never gets old Benny Lava

So check it all out and pass it on because art should always be shared :)

Trying to have gratitude

So, in this crappy economy, we are reminded how we must be grateful for what we have, do not covet what we do not have and persevere with a smile. I am all for the positive outlook, it is what keeps people going. This inauguration seems to add fuel to this fire, I would not want Obama's job as too many people want him to fix things that took decades to destroy, and his current albatross is employment. Now, considering I do not have a job after laying out $10,000.00 for a one year course, in a new field, apparently this was very stupid, I am to suck it up and find ingenious ways to implement my training. Our final business class only focused on going into business yourself and not at all about how to work within a clinical/hospital setting.
Promises of job assistance and job placement were just a way of getting you in the door and shame on me for buying into it. Yes, I got an excellent education and I love love love my volunteer hospice work as it is very fulfilling, but it was no…

Safe passengers, science and bit and pieces

Quote of the day: Live in spirit of blessing, not blame.

Bravo to the pilot who saved lives by flying seamlessly into the Hudson, nice job!

Keeping in the lightheartedness the movie Happy, Texas is a good time and a must see

Check out the band Little Machines very groovy tunes.

Now, for you non-scientific types, The effects of neonatal exposure to DES & DDT does some serious damage as it mimics estrogen, so naturally they have a hand in infertility issues. The infertility issues of the last decade have seemed to bred an impatience in getting pregnant so of course, along comes all these fertility treatments. I do wonder what risks the fertility treatments will eventually bring in some people and what will we see in the next twenty years. Remember, DES was deemed safe originally too.

Palin is not invited to dinner, boo f*****g hoo.


Tidbits for Tuesday

I love the movie Scotland, PA. It is a twisted interpretation of Macbeth by placing it in 1975 Pennsylvania. James LeGros is one of the most underrated actors of our time.
It has been said many different ways and many different times that Big Pharma & Health Insurance do not have the patients interest at heart. While this does not surprise most of us, this story about UnitedHealth Care (my insurance incidentally) getting busted for conflict of interest and fraud made me feel a little better. What I hate though is the amount of money they have ripped off from clients. I think it is time to remind health insurance that while they are businesses, they also have to remember the customer comes first. Here are people who can help if you run into billing issues
I love, love, love this Picasso drawing calle…


Job? Nope. Science? Sure. Having Fun? Always!

Great Quote of the day: Greek Philosopher Epicurus said: "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for."

So, I did NOT get the job at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Which I am not horribly upset about, but I am concerned that with so many of us looking for jobs, God only knows what the winning qualifications are. I did ask for more than what they wanted to pay, which could have easily disqualified me, and when they told me the salary I was honestly fine with it. I bet they hired a less experienced person who was willing to take the salary without question, but this is the business world so I wish that person the best at their new job.
In the meantime, a friend of mine and I are brainstorming ways to get into NJ'shospital system as Certified Oncology Massage Therapists. (Memorial Sloan will not take us because we do not have NY Licensure, good times.)
Our health care system is in massive di…

Celebrities do not know you, deal with it

I worry for the general population who read In Style, People, US Weekly and all the other magazines that cover celebrities. They read the articles and then these readers write in like they know them personally. "Jennifer Aniston is a lovely woman and I wish her the best" "Britney, it is good to have you back." "Brad is a fiend!" "Tom Cruise held Katie hostage!" I want to shake these people and tell them "THESE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW YOU AND WILL NOT BE CALLING TO SAY "HEY, THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK!" THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK!" I think the reason I am annoyed by this is because of the recent coverage of John Travolta and Kelly Preston's loss. I do not care they are Scientologists or actors, they lost their son and they will never be the same. It should not be fodder for the public and it is none of our damn business. My friend JoAnn and I had this discussion today and we both feel it is disgraceful how the media has handl…

Millinery, Stationery and my blasted computer!

I believe I must have lived in Victorian times and I am certain I had fantastic hats like this one from

Speaking of all things vintage, I happen to have a stationery fetish, yes I do. I will not apologize for it and wish more people wrote letters. So as an homage, here are some great pieces of writing materials.

Oh! I also love calling cards.

So, we are having computer issues again. This is the 3rd strike so we should be getting a new one courtesy of HP. I want that Touch Screen one, "Do you wanna touch?", but I doubt they wanna give us that one for free.
I am using the hubby's work computer and this stresses him so I have had to move quickly.

Many random links to love

Happy Birthday to Miss Faye :)

If you need a weekend getaway, Northampton, MA kicks ass! We stayed at this hotel The city is a college town with some great restaurants and you can walk around, check out some art, go on scenic drives, I highly recommend it if you have not been.

This article was FANTASTIC and informative when it comes to epigenetics: "Our lifestyles and environment can change the way our genes are expressed, leading even identical twins to become distinct as they age." This can open the door to the way diseases are treated and I think can be a breakthrough for not just cancer, but autism. Yes folks, your environment/food/lifestyle/genetics ALL affect you.

I covet, yes covet, these antique stoves

Screw the normal, blah wall coverings

LaJolla, CA - it all about the architecture

You do not have to like this at all, but GOOD LORD!
Everyone deserves to stay in a house like this, just once...

2 very different topics

Public Health and Knitting are both things I have a serious interest in. Obviously one is a tad more leisurely than the other, but I still derive pleasure from both. Public Health is something most folks do not even bother to think about. Unless there is a disaster or an outbreak, then people panic. The best way to describe what folks in public health do is best described by The American Public Health Association:
"The Association aims to protect all Americans and their communities from preventable, serious health threats and strives to assure community-based health promotion and disease prevention activities and preventive health services are universally accessible in the United States."
I also keep up on many a Public Health blog to understand the field better and those that work in it. It is in our best interest to be informed when it comes to Public Health because many assumptions have been made about science and those who participate in it. It is a vast field where many …

Real Estate

I have a horrible, horrible obsession with all things homes. We do not own a home yet, we are looking, but that does not stop me from constantly seeking out homes like this. Now, you ask yourself, have you lost your mind?!?! That house is $899,000.00!! Okay, okay, while it is waaaaaaaaaaay out of our reach, I can admire it and covet it and hope to one day own something like it. Of course, I have some sense, but when your price range to buy is low, like in the $300's low, this is a nice fantasy break for me.

Thank you to for indulging me.


So, a friend had suggested I begin a blog. I was hesitant at first because really, what could I possibly say or add to the blogsphere. Then I thought, well, my friends can at least check in with me this way by reading my thoughts or my posts of what I like. I am hoping to expose you, the reader, with all the random stuff I locate on the web, my thoughts and my love of expensive real estate. You see, I constantly bombard people with emails and this will be a way of preventing me of testing the limits of their inbox and our friendships!
Anyhoo, here I am, really without much explanation except to say I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and here are a few sites I like to check out.