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Busy Bee

What a week.

The first half of the week was spent weeding and planting, and I am still not even close to done. Which is okay as I enjoy being outside, listening to nature and being immersed in it as well.

The other part of the week I expunged paperwork that was no longer required in my life. I used to have a jewelry business. Both the business and friendship with the partner went very south many years ago. I still had all sorts of tax forms and order forms from then.  Since it was well past the 10 year mark I shredded all of it.

It was glorious.

I also shredded documents from my stint as Co-President of the school board and from when I volunteered at hospice.  I took some time to review the hospice records, thinking back fondly on those patients that no longer are of this earth. What a privilege it was to have met them and that I was allowed to do compassionate massage to ease their pain a little.

On the writing front, I have taken the advice of a few of the authors in Wonderbook and …
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Swiss Chard Salad and some artsy things

Change can be good.

I wanted to make Swiss chard one night, but I was not in the mood for the usual ways one prepares those luscious green leaves. Lo and behold, I found a recipe for a Swiss Chard salad and my life changed for the better. Or at least my greens intake improved.
I add kale to this recipe, but you do not have to and I am sure any other green would work just as nicely.
Swiss Chard Salad with Lemon, Parmesan & Breadcrumbs from Alexandra's Kitchen.
You will thank her for making chard a fun addition to your salad rotation. That is if you even have one. 
Justina Blakeney is a fan of bohemian style and colors. If you are too, trust me that you will adore her  blog Jungalow.
For a long time I have dreamed of having clothing along the lines of Rosalind Russell's Auntie Mame wardrobe. Now the discussion of whether it is practical or not is irrelevant. I just know that I love how the character's personality is so obvious in what she wears. If I had the money and the fi…

The Oddest Day

Today I have done almost, absolutely, positively nothing.

I was all set to edit my book and I did start, then I sort of just drifted off. I talked a to a friend on the phone, I watched Graham Norton and videos on Koko the Gorilla.

At first I was ready to berate myself for wasting time, but then I considered my brain may have needed this. A day of not trying to work on my characters or on the descriptions that need tweaking. I am embracing my brain's self imposed hiatus from my fantasy world and will just be.

Tulips on my lawn

Creek down the street

My yard

May you have a day of just being.


My Novel is Finished

Truth is, I still need to do some editing on some scenes, I have handwritten notes so they just need to be transferred to paper, BUT I am technically finished.

Let me tell you a little bit about the book:

The Commander of the Holy Army has been banished to the Underworld where he is now a private investigator for Hades. His latest case brings him in close contact with longtime adversary the Angel of Death. Seems someone tried to kill her and he needs to find out who. Problem is the answers lead to more questions and to parts of his prior life that he'd like to forget.

Before anyone asks, no that is not my query letter. It is too short and missing quite a bit of information required by any agent.

My voice needs to shine through which helps them decide if they can sell me and the book. They also need to know word count. It is 57,083. And chapters. There are 20. 

I am excited, nervous and would like to thank my husband who has willingly encouraged this endeavor. I also want to thank my…

Stream of Consciousness

I tried to read "The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner more than once. I had to admit defeat more than once. It is not an easy novel, but it is considered one of the classic works everyone should read. I may try it again one day, but if I don't I will have no guilt. 
One of the important aspects of the novel is there is a stream of consciousness narrative used. Some people have a hard time with such a concept. Personally I find it fascinating and think we should apply it to our everyday lives. You wake up, grab a pen and spill out every thing that is in your mind. I have done that for a few months now and it has helped me with my writing and even my day to day stuff. It is like blowing away the cobwebs and letting yourself thrive. 
Anyhoo, yesterday I decided I was feeling artistic. I grabbed an old art journal I had when I was destined to be a graphic designer in the late 90's. (Yes, jack of many trades, master of some.) I found it interesting to see what I ha…


Artist's are interesting people.

Or are we?

Sometimes I think us creative types hope to dazzle people with our vision, our executions, our style and we fall flat. At least in our own minds.

Admitting one is creative is not easy. It comes with a lot of baggage. Once people find out you that your participate in the arts as a textile designer or writer or painter or knitter you are immediately asked to show your worth and what you have published or sold. I can't get mad at anyone about that, not really. Movies, books and HGTV have misrepresented creative types for decades and sites like Etsy make everyone think what we have made should be sold for all of $10.00.

Artist's already struggle with acceptance, rejection and ego, so add in lowest value and it is pretty frustrating. That's why I think one must operate under the idea that all people do not understand the value of what artist's contribute. The same folks who make fun of art majors are the same people who go to …

Old Stile Press

Some art forms have been lost to the ashes of times. Some of them hang by a thread to survive like the ancient tribal languages around the world. Some of these art forms, these traditions, are nurtured and lovingly continued to forever leave their mark on the world.

A small publishing company in the UK, Old Stile Press creates incredible work. Within the article on is a short interview with the couple that started the press back in 1979.

Personally I love the vibrant cover art for The Book of Job, but I wouldn't say no to any of their publications.