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Sugar Baby

Everything I pretty much planted from seed did not grow. While that is disheartening, I really wanted to see Love In The Mist!, the one seeds that took off like gangbusters are my sugar baby watermelon seeds.

The ground looks so dry because we are in the middle of a charming heat wave.

Mother Nature has been rough this summer. If this weather is the new normal, sure there is no climate change 😎, I will have to adapt my garden best I can to these changes. I am not so sure I will attempt seeds again, but I am stubborn and I like a challenge. I also need to decide what I really want to grow and maintain. Considering most of my seeds failed, I got 2 sunflowers from six packets., I may just purchase seedlings next year instead. Hey, at least I got the 2 right?

Also, while I will be adding our usual compost in the fall, come the spring I shall be tossing in some local ewe poo. I have used it before and it does wonders. Manure really is the best shit.

Stay cool my lovelies.

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Life in Pictures

All is well and summer is fast ending. My garden did not do well. Lots of the seeds i planted wanted no part of blooming. Yet my sugar baby watermelons are currently taking over. Guess I cannot complain, but I really did want the chamomile to grow.

My lone zinnia. The deer ate the others. 

 Our new garden gate generously given to us by a friend who had no need for it any longer.

Kids Bowl Free was the best thing I ever signed up for!
Saw a Fistball Tournament and that was it, our little guy was hooked. Here he is at a practice.

We hit Philadelphia and NYC and as always both cities provided a ton of fun. In Philly we went to the Franklin Institute and their exhibit on Video Games. That was absolutely amazing and mind blowing to see arcade games I had forgotten about. The funnies was watching young kids try to figure our how a real arcade game works. The museum did not charge to play the games so that meant you had to trust the people in front of you to only play for about 5 minutes if …

Reading and The Universe

The Universe has been generous and cruel to us here in our little home.

While the loss of our pup still hangs heavy, that is the cruel part, I am happy to report that we are doing better. Especially the little guy who was having the hardest time without his pet. The sobs that came from the depths of his young soul were heart wrenching, but to know he loved so hard and so well makes Isadora's existence even that more precious.

The Universe's generous part is I am thoroughly enjoying my Adult Writing Workshop through The Writer's Circle. I have learned so much in a short amount of time and I hate the idea that there are only a few more sessions. These writer's are my people and for that I am eternally grateful.

And are you ready for this? I got a part time job! Hooray! 

Normally I would be cynical waiting for all the bad stuff, but not today. There is no sense in waiting for bad things to happen because they do happen regardless, so enjoy what you have while you can and stop…

Our Dog - Isadora aka Izzy

Isadora was born with cerebellar hypoplasia so while her legs worked, she couldn't walk straight or stand up for very long. Owing to a sick sense of humor, we named her after the dancer Isadora Duncan.
She came into our life by forced accident. While we were not sure what kind of life she would lead being unable to walk, it was fortuitous that our friends' were at a dog event and saw another dog in a special canine wheel chair.

And independence became hers.

Special needs animals are never easy. It is hard to find a sitter that is willing to put a feisty little gal like her in her wheels. Also, they had to learn to understand her whines. One for water, one for needing to go outside to the bathroom and another for attention. We did have a few friends that were able to help, but understanding the burden, she began to travel with us.
Oh the places she went:
Cape Cod
Ithaca, NY
Washington DC
Atlanta, GA
Cary, NC

Lots of these we went to more than once. She loved to ride in the car.